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10 Tech Jobs You Can Work Part-Time

For students, part-time employment is a great opportunity. It is a good way to earn some extra cash or even start to pay off the college debt early. Luckily, there are many jobs in tech, available even for those who have no prior experience.

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In the meantime, one can find a well-paid tech job with part-time employment. If you are not sure where to start, consider the following opportunities.

1. Web Developer

If you are studying Computer Science or simply have the necessary tech skills, think about working as a web developer. This job inclines coding, building, upgrading, and/or maintaining various websites.

Web developers can work remotely, which adds to the flexibility. And they are well-paid as well; one can start at an entry-level position with little to no experience.
There are three types of web developers:

  • Front-end;
  • Back-end;
  • Full-stack.

The front-end specialists work on the interface available to users; back-end developers create the server-side code unavailable for site visitors. Full-stack professionals can do everything.

One can even start as a freelancer and build a portfolio of their works for future employment.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create multimedia content of all sorts. One can work on pictures, collages, or newsletters. Others with more advanced skills can help to create custom solutions.

This job requires not only technical skills but also creativity and the ability to come up with new ideas constantly. One will also need experience with specific software, like Adobe Suite. But it is another career students can pursue part-time and often case remotely.

3. QA/Tester

Quality Assurance professionals help to debug and perfect software solutions of all sorts. It can be a video game, ERP system, or CRM update. But you need to be familiar with that specific type of software and best practices.

In this job, students will test the solution in all possible ways. They will also describe the errors or mistakes so that developers can fix them.

Such specialists are widely needed in many industries. And it is possible to get a job with no experience as well.

4. System Administrator

This is another one of the great opportunities for students in tech. System administrators are responsible for making sure that the computers and systems of a company work well and efficiently.

Such a career requires some prior experience or at least great Computer Science knowledge. However, administrators often get to work remotely, which is another benefit for students.

The responsibilities include monitoring servers and their performance, updating the systems, and introducing improvements for better productivity. Specialists also need to address any possible error quickly and resolve the issue.

5. Software Developer

This is an amazing job for those who are good at coding and enjoy it. If you know a couple of scripting languages, you can get a part-time position in the IT industry. Software developers create solutions of all sorts, from custom performance applications to games.

The junior usually works closely with more experienced team members. They can learn from colleagues and perform simple coding and debugging tasks. This career offers great prospects as well for professional development.

6. Technical Support

Employees that work as technical support representatives help customers of a company to resolve their issues. This position requires not only knowing well a particular solution they are going to help customers with but also great communication skills.

Tech support representatives have different employment opportunities like working part-time, taking shifts, or performing tasks from home.

They can either answer the customers by the phone or address inquiries online via chatbox or email.

7. UI/UX Designer

These designers work on a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Mostly, they are occupied with the visual part of a technology that users will interact with. Specialists in this field collaborate both with developers and customers, respectively. The goal is to create an interface that will be appealing, simple to use, and comfortable for the target audience.

There is a lot of creativity that goes into it. And knowledge of the fundamental UI/UX design principles is necessary. However, it is an interesting career that helps to make technology more user-friendly.

The particular tech skills depend on what software you are going to work with, whether it is WordPress, Salesforce, AWS, etc.

8. Digital Marketing Manager

If you are interested in a career that combines marketing and tech, this one’s for you. These professionals are responsible for the digital content strategies of companies. The responsibilities include crafting such a strategy to achieve specific goals (boost sales or increase brand awareness).

They often manage the online platforms of a brand – from a website to social media. Digital marketing requires a good understanding of analytical software that goes into planning campaigns and advertising. And one also needs to know SEO and SEM pretty well like digital marketing agency Chicago.

9. Data Analyst

Those who prefer to work with data rather than people will love this one. Data analysts collect various types of information on a particular topic. They can use analytical software, surveys, and other methods. For example, website performance metrics or data on how people respond to a particular type of music.

After the data is collected, analysts compile and interpret it. They prepare reports on the findings in a comprehensive way (with graphs or charts). The goal is to find trends or specific solutions. Analysts often offer improvements based on their findings.

This career requires precision, logic, and analytical thinking.

10. Web Content Manager

Specialists in such a position prepare content for the web. They optimize text and images according to the guidelines. And make sure everything is in the best shape before posting. They might work with websites that regularly upload content.

It can be a starting point for those who want to grow into a content editor or copywriter. And it requires strong organizational skills. It does require knowledge of specific content management systems, like WordPress, for example. However, those are quite easy to learn, so this position is open to students. And it usually doesn’t require many hours a day.

In Summary

The Tech industry is open to flexible employment and part-time opportunities, which is amazing for students. There are lots of entry-level and higher jobs available for those who are interested. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge potential challenges, such as dealing with abusive behavior from co-workers, and proactively address them to maintain a positive and respectful workplace environment.

For many of them, one can have little to zero experience to apply, which is also a plus. However, they do require certain technical skills. If you are interested in working part-time during college, check out the opportunities given above. All of them are decently paid for and welcoming to students.

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