Things You Should Know About Working as an Online Moderator

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Things You Should Know About Working as an Online Moderator

If you have ever used such widespread social media channels as Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you know the comment sections under basically any post is bursting with discussions. Unfortunately, people are rarely ready for robust and productive dialogues. Frequently they use obscene words and trolling just to impose their points of view and offend other users.

Who Are Online Moderators?

However, one can find a certain order even in the mess of social media and forums. There are people who sort out replies in the comment section and make sure they don’t violate platform rules. They go through the least exciting part of the content to delete hate speech or other dangerous comments and thus, secure your sessions on the website. Online moderators also play a crucial role in shaping the conversations and moderating them with a more friendly tone of voice.

This job isn’t as easy as it might seem. Moderators face much abuse and even threats. This job is not for someone who can’t bear criticism and take many things personally. On top, working as an online moderator often presumes volunteering. Many specialists in this sphere started as amateurs moderating their favourite game forums or streaming platforms. They enjoy communication with people who share their interests and try to make the user environment safe and friendly.

Nowadays, people spend as much time on the Internet as ever before. They actively consume content and give feedback on many pressing issues. However, the more users visit the website and leave their opinions on the situation, the more polarized the discussion can become. Unfortunately, users often misuse their anonymity and offend people or proliferate marginal ideas. Therefore, the online moderator job has become even more important. To find a job in this sphere, you need to understand what duties it comprises.

What Will be Your Duties?

Your primary responsibilities may include elaboration of the community moderation strategy. These specialists also need to get approval from the website stakeholders. Moderators’ aim is to strike the delicate balance between supporting the customer community and making sure that user-generated content isn’t detrimental. Besides, these specialists keep an eye on user profiles. They make sure there are real people behind the avatars, not bots. Moderators monitor comments, images, video and audio materials provided by the users. They ban dubious profiles and keep track of their activity. Moderators also keep the community guidelines updated and assure these prerequisites abide by the law. You may also be asked to administrate accounts, process complaints or customers’ emails.

Analyzing the effectiveness of the moderation strategy and adapting the policy to new challenges is also a part of the moderator’s job. Moderators prepare reports on respective statistics and conclusions, they made while changing the strategy. Some specialists work solely with one or two platforms, for example with Instagram or Facebook. However, you are likely to be in charge of all the platforms they company has its representation. Your scope of tasks will depend on the size of the company.

What else? Apart from working with customers’ (or users’) requests and opinions, analyzing the situation on the platform and adjusting moderation guidelines to the law and new possible challenges, specialists in this sphere also monitor their competitors in the niche.

What Skills You Need to Have to Become an Online Moderator?

First, the specialist has to be good at solving various online legal issues. You don’t need to be a lawyer. However, some basic knowledge in this sphere will be a big advantage. Since you are likely to deal with many irritated (and irritating) customers, the ability to work under pressure and not take things personally should be more than just a cliché from your resume.

Add strong organizational skills and multitasking. Moderators are expected to do some routine work, however, customers may ask deep and serious questions, so be ready to show some creativity. Understanding community platform moderation tools is another must in this sphere. Moderators know the company rules the best because they use them to ban some users, moderate conversations, or solve disputes. You will work with people all the time. It is a very exhausting process, and a background in customer service is very beneficial.

Moderators often work with other specialists in marketing or data analytics. Thus, it’s good if you are a team player who can prioritize tasks, focus on them and provide your colleagues with necessary materials on time. Moderators often work in shifts. It is a flexible job that could suit young specialists and students well.

To sum up, working as an online moderator is an exciting and rewarding job. You will learn a lot and cooperate with many specialists in your company. These specialists elaborate and monitor the moderation strategy of the company and assure users follow it. However, this job can be stressful occasionally. Be ready to work under pressure from time to time.

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