Want to Become a Better Techie? Take Care of Your Analog Life!

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Want to Become a Better Techie? Take Care of Your Analog Life!

Do you consider yourself a tech enthusiast? If you do, it’s plausible to assume you are always up to date about the latest gadgets.

Allow me to give you a different perspective, the serene analog world, free from the harsh, digital frenzy.

In a world where everyone is trying to be faster and better, let’s pledge to take a back seat for once – just long enough to embrace the peace of slow and quiet.

The key to becoming a better techie might be to break free from the routine and take a leap into digital minimalism. By focusing on what you eat, drink, and how you engage with friends, you program your mind (not your computer) to work better.

No, I won’t ask you to retreat to the woods in the countryside and break ties with friends and family. Making a few minor changes is enough to engage your mind and body and help connect to your soul.

Without offending the technology experts, let me share a few secrets for a better way of using technology without feeling used by it.

Focus on What You Eat and Drink

Focusing on what you eat and drink ultimately helps you make better choices and leads to a healthy lifestyle. Practice the art of mindfulness!

How do you achieve complete concentration and help your mind to be fully present? The key is to stop yourself from being overwhelmed or bored. Completely engage yourself in whichever activity you are presently doing without worrying about the next one.

For instance, while drinking a Burman health drink, focus on how clean and pure it is, instead of just chugging down a bottle.

Focus on how you can improve the food and water you drink. Either contemplate on what water filters are best or how you can cook from scratch to prepare nutritious food for yourself.

Improved health means an improved mind which ultimately makes you more tech-savvy.

Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

Step outside and wander off without a set goal and just take a moment to breathe in the cool air. Maybe start a new hobby or take a long walk admiring nature.

The point is to allow yourself me-time with a free mind and without feeling guilty.

The fast-paced world spares none; with so much to do and little time on hand, it’s hard to even think about getting some time out for yourself.

Whether you are a programmer or a gamer, break free from your boundaries and take up a hobby. Exercising, for instance, is a great mood uplifter and strengthens your immune system. Similarly, yoga, meditation, and a Theta Gateway binaural program can help you get in sync with your body.

Playing a board game or some free solitaire with your kids or friends is another great stress buster and helps you spend quality time with the people you care about.

Indulge in ways that make you happy, help you live a healthy life, and keep you motivated.

Explore Art

Not everyone is a born artist or is blessed with a creative mind. However, there is a creative side inside everyone.

Some might be great at origami, while others great at sculpting. Use pen and paper to draw out a sketch of your partner or doodle on the wall in your living room.

Take some time out to visit museums and art galleries. It will help you to explore artists and their styles so you can get inspired.

Even a visit to the historical places in your city is a great way to catch up and open your mind.

There are no algorithms, no software limitations, and no batteries running out of charge when you are out in the analog world. You work at your own pace — create and absorb as you fancy.

Read Physical Books

There is nothing better than the smell of paper; that is something any bibliophile will tell you. There is so much more to a physical book than an ebook!

For starters, the weight of the book in your hands defines its importance. There are no links or guides to distract you, so you read with optimum focus and absorb better.

Reading a book at night will help you sleep better since you are not exposed to blue light. Using a screen before bed to read will probably end up having you up all night like an owl.

Better sleep equals unlimited benefits and improved productivity.

Make a To-do List

Making a to-do list helps you step up the success ladder. Make it realistic and achievable to keep up motivation.

Bulleted to-do lists are the best way to plan and self-reflect. They help take you through the chaos of daily life.

Nevertheless, don’t set impractical standards for yourself while you compile your tasks and goals for the day. Considered as the ‘The Marie Kondo Way’ of to-do lists, bullet journaling is a quirky analog system to house all your thoughts. Millions of people have opted for bullet journaling (BuJo) as a sign that it works.

Last Words

It might be too early to state, but I feel the time is reversing as we have begun to realize the importance of the analog world. People globally are going into digital-detox occasionally, where they spend a day or a few hours without devices.

My intention is not to demonize the digital world but to strike a balance between analog and tech; that is essential for everyone.

While we love that a few taps on the smartphone brings food to the doorstep, sometimes a walk to the local grocery store and waving to your neighbor on the way is what we need to recharge and reconnect with the real world.

It’s time to learn, unlearn and relearn to become better techies.

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