What are the Types of Legal Services Provided by White-collar Crime Lawyers?

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What are the Types of Legal Services Provided by White-collar Crime Lawyers?

White-collar crimes like money laundering, market manipulation, office embezzlement, insider trading, or insecurities fraud are severe and should be treated with the responsibility they deserve.

However, the problem arises when someone wrongly accuses a fellow of a financial crime. It can ruin their reputation and career, reduce their chances for employment, and cost them excessive money in fighting the case.

If someone you know has been wrongly accused of such crimes, it is advisable to contact White Collar Crime lawyers without wasting any time. These cases are filled with complexities and technicalities which only an experienced lawyer can handle to set up a successful criminal defense.

In such cases, the party that accused one of the offences usually has access to plenty of resources, money, and a team of lawyers, which they utilize to their fullest capacity. Unless an experienced attorney helps the victim, the chances of winning such a case are almost impossible.

But how can a lawyer help their client out and assist them in such cases, and what are the types of services they provide? Get all the answers below.

What Types of Services do These Lawyers Provide?

Money Laundering

It is one of the most severe financial crimes a person can be accused of and usually carries a lengthy jail sentence. Money laundering refers to obtaining money illegally and hiding its source.

The Crimes Act 1990, Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, and Criminal Code Act 1995 deal with offences of this nature.


Acquiring any property, investment, or monies through fraudulent means or involving illegal transactions refers to the proceeds of the offence. The definition also includes cases where a person enjoys the proceeds of offences but conceals or attempts to conceal its origins.

The law tackles it as a criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1990 and comes with a custodial sentence. In such cases, your melbourne criminal lawyers like the ones at fraud lawyers Melbourne will use their expertise to develop a quality legal defense in various ways.

For instance, they might persuade the court that the victim utilized the proceeds to enforce the State, Territory or Commonwealth law. The attorney will convince the court that their client did not know the property was the proceeds of crime under the Commonwealth or State laws.

Freezing Orders and Asset Forfeiture

After the judgement is announced, the court might freeze your assets if they harbour suspicions of your moving, hiding, or spending the money. Decisions of this type usually happen in the individual’s absence or ex-parte.

Once the judge passes the order, the bank will freeze the victim’s accounts to prevent them from selling or moving their assets. Such cases are highly complicated, and defending one’s rights requires a high level of legal expertise, which only an experienced lawyer can have. In addition, the lawyer can also help the accused find a bail bondsman who can provide them criminal charge bail money and professional bondsman services.

If the court has frozen somebody’s assets, their lawyer will try to prove that:

  • The other party withheld vital information from the law
  • You don’t have any intention of selling your property
  • You are capable of paying the required amount without having your assets frozen
  • Inconsistencies in the other party’s arguments

Asset forfeiture comes into effect when the State has doubts about a person’s property being used for criminal purposes or committing a serious offence. The lawyers’ arguments will run along the same lines as those mentioned above in such cases.

You should hire the best white-collar crime lawyers at https://canyonstatelaw.com/chandler-criminal-defense-lawyer/ with adequate experience in dealing with money laundering, frozen assets, and cases of related nature. They will help you receive justice and ensure the State does not confiscate your property or punish you on unfair grounds.

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