What is Considered to Be Wrongful Termination?

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What is Considered to Be Wrongful Termination?

Have you been fired because of your color, race, or religion? If yes, then your job was wrongfully terminated, and the law is by your side. Wrongful termination refers to an employee being fired illegally due to discriminatory practices by the employer.

If a company violates its only policy or guidelines for termination, it is said to be a case of wrongful termination. Many situations come under wrongful termination, and every employee should be aware of them and the rights given to them by the law.

1. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at the workplace is illegal under the law of the United States. Suppose you were fired because you reported being sexually harassed. In that case, you can go to court and get back your job, receive back pay, and may even be able to get punitive damages and compensation for your lawyer’s fee.

In some companies, sexual harassment has become a part of their culture, which creates a hostile work environment where women and men feel unsafe and struggle to work productively. In the majority of the cases, employees are forced to quit their jobs as they cannot take the mental trauma of being sexually harassed every day.

Every company should have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Suppose you have been sexually harassed at work and have been fired because you decided to report it. In that case, you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company and seek compensation for all the damages it has caused.

2. Racial Discrimination

Under the law, it is illegal to treat an employee unfairly or differently because of their race or color. Suppose the employee treats the employers differently because of their color or favors a particular race and is biased towards it to offer more growth opportunities.

In that case, the employer can be charged for doing racial discrimination at the workplace. Making distinctions based on color, hiring, promoting, or firing people because of their color are all examples of how racial discrimination can look.

When your job is wrongfully terminated, most people ask themselves to contact a wrongful termination attorneys near me? The answer is an absolute yes! Racial discrimination should not be tolerated, and you have all rights to file a claim against your employer with the help of an employment attorney at hkm.com.

3. Retaliation over workers’ compensation claims

If an employee is disabled because of an injury they sustained while working, no employer can discriminate against them due to their injury. It is illegal for employers to fire employees for participating in rehabilitation services that the employee receives as a workers compensation benefit. If you sustained an injury while working, then you might want to consult a workers compensation attorney or a personal injury attorney for legal advice.

In a Nutshell

The scenarios mentioned above are just some that qualify as wrongful termination. Other cases include whistleblower retaliation, wage and hour violations, and violation of the employer’s family and medical leave act. If your job is wrongfully terminated, you have the right to go to court and seek your compensation and rights with the help of a reputable workers comp law firm.

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