10 Things to Know When Considering Dynamics 365 Developer for Hire

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10 Things to Know When Considering Dynamics 365 Developer for Hire

The company that got announced to the world on the 4th of April in 1975 has had a major spin on how the businesses will be run today.

Choosing the right Microsoft solutions for your business needs is the direct path to occupying a competitive, or better say winning position in IT real and its positive impact on how things go productivity-wise.

The first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft Stack, better known as all the applications and tools developed to work in various environments setting up from back-end data and up to cloud applications like MS 365, or business apps like Dynamics 365.

Yet to be ahead the companies must be sure to have a decent talent pool on board who will be in charge of building the next app generations. Starting from idea generators and proceeding with those who will make them transformed and implemented meeting the needs of the current digital world. A team like in Valto PowerApps studio, for instance, they could build apps that meet the standards of today and tomorrow’s innovation.

Considering a Dynamics 365 developer for hire, or a Senior Security Software Engineer, or whoever else the business solution is calling for, make sure the software specialist is totally aware, or better fully certified through the Microsoft Certification program.

This informative piece will be devoted to Dynamics 365 in particular, giving a glimpse of how to choose the best fitting candidate for working with an app that connects data, processes, and teams of talents to build a seamless experience developing-wise.

The Gist of Microsoft Development

Microsoft development is a complex concept. In 2019, at Microsoft’s Ignite enterprise developer conference in Florida, apps Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, expressed his wish for everybody to be able to develop notwithstanding the fact whether they can code or not.

This pretty much transmits the idea that Microsoft Development is not about being able to develop from square one, but rather about the capacity to optimize and provide the most working solution in the given circumstances. Microsoft Power Platform will sum up the idea since the Power apps enable the development of apps and programs to be easily performed and run on various OS without the implementation of any intricate code.

Microsoft Dynamics developers must be able to optimize the product that is already there present, the way it fully fits the clientele needs. This brings us to the point where, when hiring a tech talent for the position, one must pay attention to both hard and soft skills, since not only the technology side is important. Getting the specifics and translating the client’s vision of the outcome acquires the same critical value. Technology is for business, and business is for people. Human basics will never be thrown out of the equation.

MS Developers Types

One of the Dynamics 365 jobs has been mentioned a couple of times. Dynamics 365 developer is engaged in the development of the MS Dynamics Products which implies developing, testing, and implementing solutions for companies to be able to have all their processes running in the cloud.

Let’s see who else might be seeking career opportunities within the Microsoft solutions pack. Due to the complexity of the Microsoft development area, it offers a plethora of opportunities for offshore react developers and software engineers to apply the skills, knowledge, and desire to contribute to such a gigantic business solutions provider.

The key to the successful door opening into prophecy except for great desire and developing skills will be Microsoft certification. After obtaining one, it’s up to the specialist what way to choose. That could be a career of SharePoint Developer or MS Dynamics developer. One might wanna proceed with MS Dynamics AX developer, or Microsoft NEt developer.

Satya Nadella’s coming to take over the CEO position has enhanced the process of shifting focus towards cloud computing. The development of cloud solutions has become an inevitable part of prolific business integration. As a result, Microsoft Azure is also in need of specialists developing cloud solutions alongside improving the existing ones.

MS Dynamics 365 Developers Value for the Company

A treasure chest that Dynamics 365 is requires a skilled developer to make sure that the provided set of business apps guarantees profitable customers engagement, solid relationship building, and operations optimization in general. That is possible through the development of the modules and constant upgrading of the existing ones, adjusting them exactly up to the particular company’s needs.

Dynamics 365 is perceived as a Software as a Service Platform closely based on the Dynamics products such as Dynamics AX, NAV, GP. By no means does it serve as a replacement. Being an ERP + CRM version it is utilized as an alternative more complex solution.

Dynamics 365 unfolds its potential in:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Non-profit

Global giants such as Coca Cola, BMW, Columbia, TOYOTA trust this Microsoft product for its way of:

  • Being scalable and flexible in terms of clientele requirements
  • Being security and privacy-driven ( kudos to Microsoft data centers)
  • Having Real-Time Insights Analytics
  • Fitting any business due to the richness of services combined within the set.

To achieve that smooth experience there must be an expert behind the curtains, who will have all the promised functionalities under total tech control.

10 Things to Know about Dynamics 365 Developers

From the information above it is clear that the company will benefit from Dynamics 365 developers. Here is the list of 10 major aspects to look at when hiring such a specialist for the job. They will mostly revolve around skills and experience-based.

  1. Decent grasp of Dynamics CRM technology stack.
  2. Design and development skills ( JavaScript, C#, Microsoft.NET, CRM SDK, RoR development).
  3. Mastery with KingswaySoft.
  4. Proficiency with SQL databases.
  5. Testing and troubleshooting experience
  6. Solid understanding of Microsoft Dynamics tools in a third-party environment.
  7. Architectural design maintenance.
  8. Experience with working in Agile and SCRUM environments.
  9. Well-developed soft skills ( Communication is a key focus).
  10. Microsoft Certification

Also, when considering a candidate for the position pay attention to EQ ( emotional intelligence) that at some points matters even more than its colleague – IQ. Development is teamwork and much of success depends on how well the understanding is built among the members. Excellent technical skills combined with social basics are the combo you have to be looking for.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer is the person who is entitled to make sure that the new way of business processes management, promised by Dynamics 365 functionalities, is delivered in a way that unlocks potential and growth for various-sized companies and enterprises. This will be easily achieved if the persona for the job owns the tech settings and human basics alongside understanding what Microsoft is about in general.

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