4 Steps to Hire React JS Development Team

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4 Steps to Hire React JS Development Team

With the clocking of 590 million React downloads in the first quarter of 2020, there are indications that there will be an increased demand for React JS developers. Famous platforms such as Netflix. Facebook, Twitter, BBC, Dropbox, and even Tesla leverage React.JS. Its rich and highly interactive elements, which enhance users’ experiences, make it a compelling development platform. Until you need to hire React JS developers, you might never know how long and unnerving the hiring process can be.

With every minute that passes, JavaScript grows bigger, and React.JS is currently one of its most popular and highly sort after frameworks. Everyone is striving to draw from the same talent pool of React JS developers, and hence, the struggle to get the best is real.

4 Steps to Hire React JS Developer

Step 1: Understanding the responsibilities of a React JS Developer

React.JS developers create bug-free applications with amazing UI, build additional plug-ins, and maintain the application. React.JS has an exhaustive library with features that its developers leverage in building intuitive UIs which are simpler to debug. As a component-based library, React speeds up the front-end development process thus enabling React.JS Developers to build holistic components capable of managing their states. And finally, by utilizing reusable components, React.JS Developers uses one code for all similar features in the application built with React.

Step 2: Identifying the Must-Have Skills of a React.JS Developer

  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS development

    An expert React.JS Developer must have an in-depth understanding of design principles and be able to build enticing and engaging interfaces using advanced HTML and CSS tools.
  • Excellent command over adjacent technologies various architectural patterns

    A React.JS Developer must have excellent command over third-party tools such as Redux, Webpack, Babel, Create React App, React Router, Material Kit React, Node, and more to complement React JS libraries.
  • Proficiency in JSX and other React JS components

    To fully utilize this versatile front-end library, the React JS developer must be proficient in JavaScript and ES6 skills ranging from Variables and scoping to virtual DOM, arrays, objects, DOM manipulation, functions, arrows, events handlers, prototypal inheritance, high-order functions, and component life-cycle.
  • Proficiency in Git, supporting frameworks, and Node JS

    React JS developers must be able to work with supporting technologies and frameworks such as Vue, Backbone JS, and Angular and have Knowledge of Node JS. They must be able to keep track of changes and manage conflict.

Step 3: Sourcing for React.JS Developer

Sourcing plays a critical role in the process of hiring offshore react developers. To hire react js developer, you have to invest your time and conduct exclusive research to identify quality candidates who match your target profile. It’s important to set the right criteria and write a perfectly tailored job description. A comprehensive and attractive job description includes a brief description of the hiring company and its culture, the responsibilities attached to the advertised role, the expectation from applicants, qualifications, and skills required as well as the salary range.

After writing the job description, the next thing is to identify the right sourcing platforms to post the job description. There are several Job sites, sourcing blogs, and freelance websites where you can share your job description and source qualified candidates. This site has expert and competent React JS developers for hire. You can also source applicants from social media platforms, most especially LinkedIn. Your company’s career page is another good place to source for candidates.

Step 4: Screening and Interviewing of Applicants

Different levels of screening, including resuming screening, background screening, and candidate screening should be adopted before the interview to filter the best applicants with the most relevant competencies and skills. Screening candidates reduces the number of candidates to be interviewed. This makes the interviewing process less stressful and more productive. The interview can be physical or virtual. It’s important to ask both technical and soft skills questions during the interview. This will enable you to select and hire the best React JS developer for your company.

Despite the versatility of the React JS library, it cannot develop an application by itself. Hence, a skilled and competent React JS developer is required to build an efficient and high-performing React app. Whether you are looking to hire React JS developer or hire React programmer, the steps highlighted above will ensure you hire the best React JS developer and make the hiring process seamless.

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