A Winning Strategy for Software Product Testing

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A Winning Strategy for Software Product Testing

The difference between a software marvel and a complete dud is good testing. Development companies understand that you need to observe your products in all sorts of settings.

This is because, you need to account for every possibility. Mimic real world conditions and usage as much as possible.

It can be pretty mind boggling so let’s break down what you need to do for success.

Keep Your Goals Clear

Having a set of clearly defined performance metrics is the first step. Success needs to be measurable. What purpose is the software meant to serve and what tools are required?

Also keep in mind that performance metrics will look different for every product.

You need to understand the objectives of testing and proceed accordingly. Some points you can consider:

  • Which aspect of the product is being tested?
  • What are the expected results?
  • Are the actual results reliable/repeatable?

Stay Flexible in Execution

Plans change, as many development companies know. No plan is perfect and you have to account for the possibility that things will require revisions.

Don’t run from these changes, embrace them. Observe the issues that come up and address them. Even with mobile app development, which tends to be simpler, it’s not uncommon to revise plans and deadlines for optimal results.

And don’t be afraid to introduce some DevOps to the testing phase.

Run Several Stages of Testing

Software development requires very thorough and specific kinds of testing. This process needs to be exhaustive and I can’t stress that enough.

The various kinds of tests you need to keep in mind are:

  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Security testing
  • Cross device/browser testing
  • Risk based testing

While there are many more kinds of tests to run, these should be a great starting point for many different developers.

Efficiency Boosters

All that being said, you need to keep testing efficient as well. You can’t spend millions of dollars and years trying to get the software right. So, let’s explore some boosters to make life easier.

Automated Testing

Get some custom software that can run tests for you. Now this doesn’t have to be for every test, but there are a lot of procedures that can be automated. This way you save time, money and man power, keeping things streamlined and easily documented.

Clear Communication

For testing that requires a human’s touch, make sure you have healthy communication with your testers. Regularly ask them about their experiences with the software, and develop a healthy relationship with criticism.

Remember you need them for feedback.

No Crossover with Roles

Everyone involved needs to have a set role. Testers should test, and developers should develop. Make sure no one on the team is overwhelmed with their workload.


It can seem pretty hard to figure out the best way to go about software testing. But that’s the issue. Your tests don’t have to be the fastest or the most groundbreaking.

All you have to do for success, is be practical. That means thinking through every decision more than once and making sure development stays focused.

Success if within your grasp, just stay patient and use a little elbow grease.

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