Become a Proficient Web Developer by Passing Microsoft 70-480 Exam

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Become a Proficient Web Developer by Passing Microsoft 70-480 Exam

Do you want to learn web development but you are not sure where to start? Or do you want to advance your web developer skills? If your answer is yes to any of these two questions, then this article has been written just for you. Web development is an area that has been growing steadily for the past years. The experts in this field are in high demand. If you want to be among these professionals, then you should consider passing the Microsoft 70-480 exam. It is created to help you master your knowledgein designing, implementing, and deploying web development solutions. It is one of three elective tests leading to the MCSD: App Builder certification.

Target Audience and Required Skills

The candidates for the certificate are the developers who can use the core framework of Microsoft.NET and Visual Studio 2017. These professionals are skilled in web development solutions using these two technologies. Another requirement is the experience of 3 to 5 years in developing solutions using ASP.NET MVC. You also should have any of the following credentials:

  • MCSA: Web Applications, or
  • MCSA: Universal Windows Platform

The 70-480 exam verifies if you have the relevant experience and knowledge to perform the following tasks:

  • Data access
  • Querying data using an entity framework
  • How to use entity frameworks in manipulating data?
  • Creation and use of web-API services
  • Web services development
  • Web services deployment
  • Web services implementation
  • Web applications deployment

As you gear up for the exam, you need to understand how many questions it has. It is expected that the questions you will find in the 70-480 certification test are between 40 and 60, but there can also be more of them. They will not have only one format. These are the formats that you are most likely to find: multiple-choice questions, review screen, active screen, case study, hot area, best and short answer, etc.

The time to complete the Microsoft 70-480 exam is 150 minutes. To qualify for the credential, you must receive the passing score of 700 marks on your report. The fee that you should pay for the test is $165.

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Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-480 Exam

Understanding web development skills and being able to provide the related solutions is a dream for many. The reason is due to what the professionals gain out of their expert skills. This is the right time for you to gain the required knowledge and become part of the ever-growing web development world. This is what you get from passing the 70-480 certification test and becoming a web developer:

1. Your Creativity is Unlocked

The exam helps you to learn coding skills. Once you have understood the basics or have even gone deeper into advanced coding techniques, you can always toy around with ideas. This will help you become more creative as you will gain more experience. Web development is a field with unlimited possibilities. After acquiring these skills, you can come up with some new applications.

2. Coding is Fun

Learning a coding language, such as what Microsoft 70-480focuses on, can be a bit challenging. At the same time, it can also be interesting. It offers you flexibility to work in varied industries. You can be a part of start-ups, small or large organizations.

3. Earning a Prestigious Certification

It is the only exam to pass before you get your app builder certification. This is a credential that is respected and accepted by the employers all over the world. Indeed, the Microsoft certificates are generally considered prestigious. This will make you one of the few specialists who stand out with great skills.

4. Web Development is Here to Stay

The future of web development is promising. The Microsoft 70-480 exam gives you an opportunity to gain skills that are useful for the long term. The need of enterprises for new and innovative apps keep growing and your knowledge will always be required. You will not have to worry about your skills becoming obsolete or you, as an employee, becoming redundant in the workplace.

5. Job Opportunities Are Diverse

This is another benefit that the professionals look forward to. And, of course, getting a prestigious job is one of the main reasons why people go for the IT certifications. Job positions such as a web developer or a web designer will be available to you once you pass your 70-480 exam.

6. Job Flexibility is Your Bonus

As an app builder with expert skills, you can choose to work independently or be employed, remotely or from some office. These skills offer you flexibility to choose your preference.

7. Good Pay is Peculiar Feature

After passing the 70-480 test, you will be a proficient web app developer and the skills you acquire will make you marketable. The certification will earn you a good position as an employee. According to PayScale, your average earnings as a certified professional can be $101,000 per year.

Getting Ready to Pass Microsoft 70-480 Exam

When it is time to prepare for an exam, most candidates worry about a few things here and there. They worry about what methods to use for preparation, whether they will pass their test in the end or not, and many other anxieties appear in their hearts. But thanks to the availability of study resources, you can now learn and perform excellently in your exam. To make this a reality, here are prep tools you can use:

  • Microsoft online training
  • Microsoft 70-480 instructor-led training
  • Microsoft Power BI training course
  • Microsoft learn self-paced training
  • Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-480 study guide
  • Microsoft 70-480 practice tests and video tutorials from ExamSnap


The expert skills are part of being an efficient professional in what you do. With unlimited opportunities, there is nothing that you will not be able to achieve as a web developer. That is why gaining such skills through the Microsoft 70-480 exam is worth the effort. Getting certified after the test means starting to work towards who you always wanted to be. So, be proud of yourself after passing Microsoft 70-480 successfully.

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