Benefits from Ruby on Rails for Startups Development

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Benefits from Ruby on Rails for Startups Development

The owners of virtual sites prefer to develop and manage their business on reliable software. And the choice of many developers was Ruby on Rails. This platform offers many advantages for your business which is why it has become popular. Among the well-known online portals that use this platform are Netflix, Hulu, Shopify and others. Will this platform be beneficial for your business? Let’s find out why Ruby on Rails is actively used by over 1.5 million websites.

Ruby on Rails: Features and Benefits

Now it seems to you that you will not cope with such a task, but after studying the advantage of this platform, you will understand that it is not difficult. If you have questions, then you can write to the support service because the project takes care of its developers. We have identified eight main benefits of using this platform. They can be useful for developing your startup and making it successful and in demand in a virtual environment.

Rapid Development

The platform has a convenient model-view-controller (MVC), all models and plugins can be created very quickly. You do not need to work from scratch, use ready-made examples. Timing is important because it will allow you to develop your product faster and get it to market faster.

Cost Reduction

Here you will find the most useful features that you need to develop your web resource. Ready-made modules and plugins do not require additions or additional elements (which are most often paid). Less inconvenience, less cost – more useful features. Your business is under development and you still have certain expenses. Saving money is very pleasant.


The codebase is already there, but you can scale individual components without touching it. This can be useful to you when your product is on the market and its traffic starts to increase (Roobykon Software will help you with this). Expand the applications and capabilities of your site as your business grows. This is useful not only for start-up websites but also for large virtual resources that are building up a user audience.

Many Useful Gems

Startup development is the implementation of various ideas. Learn more than 3000 frameworks that are suitable for various tasks. You will be able to remove and add features without difficulty. You may need authentication to make payments or downloads. A lot of gems will allow you to perform almost any task. Users shared their opinion on how the platform works and highlighted 2 frameworks that might be useful for you as well – Cordova or MeteorJS.


Perhaps such a point is omitted by startup developers, but it is important. Yes, your product is still at the initial stage, it is not launched on the Internet. But the safety of your data and product information must come first. Ruby on Rails has several points to keep your startup safe. These are Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and SQL Injection. Portal also saves your data with Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR) and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Active Community

The platform has a huge base with a large community where experienced experts share the latest news, help newcomers, give useful advice, organize conferences and forums. You will be able to chat to find out more information specific to your startup. Read the life hacks of experts, find out the opinions of professionals and create an impeccable product.

Support and Service

Ruby on Rails helps its users because it understands that they may have difficulties during the development of the product. Experts will always help you with the solution of any problem, support works around the clock.

High Quality

The project cares about its users, therefore it offers a unique platform with high quality of each function. Here you will find everything you need to develop an app from scratch. Compared to competitive platforms, Ruby on Rails is ideal even for beginners and does not require any special knowledge in coding or programming.

If your startup is ready and needs detailed development then Ruby on Rails is a great choice. You will find many useful features to implement almost any idea. The platform offers secure innovative opportunities to create a great product and launch it in the digital market. You can get help from professionals if you have any doubts or difficulties.

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