Essential Skills & Trends For Software Developers in 2020 & Beyond

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Essential Skills & Trends For Software Developers in 2020 & Beyond

Software development is a lucrative career option, as the demand for these professionals will only grow in the future. However, there also is booming competition in the domain, and success in the job market greatly depends on having the right skill set. If you are looking to explore this career opportunity, you need to focus on the most bankable skills.

The most important thing is to stay updated because it is a highly dynamic domain. So you can expect to learn and grow throughout your career span. Right now, let us list the essential skills and trends for software offshore react developers in 2020 and beyond.

Versatility is the key

Although software development relates to training oneself in specific programming languages and frameworks, versatility is the need of the hour. Developers need to extend their horizons, which is easier than you can imagine. Languages and frameworks are pretty similar, so you can quickly move to the next after mastering one.

If you know PHP, you will probably pick Python faster than you expect. Similarly, someone who knows Angular and JQuery will be comfortable with learning React. Make sure that you are open to learning multiple skills rather than stick to one or only a few.

Don’t miss out on hot skills

Like any other domain, there are some skills in demand for the software development field as well. Those contemplating the question of how to become a good software developer have a simple answer. They need to start by compiling a wishlist of the hottest skills for the year.

While you must have ubiquitous languages like JavaScript or C++ on your resume, hot skills go the extra mile to add value. Rust, Kotlin, and TypeScript are making it big this year. Google’s Go programming language is another hot trend, while Python, Flutter, Scala, and Ruby that developers must prioritize to stay current in 2020 and beyond.

Full-stack is a differentiator

The growing demand for full-stack developers is another indication that software developers should not confine themselves to a few skills only. Someone capable of handling both front-end and back-end coding is a preferred choice for any organization. It comes as no surprise that companies look for full-stack developers rather than specialists these days.

The essential skill requirements for someone who wants to become a full-stack professional include front-end languages such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript along with back-end languages and frameworks such as Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Java. Additional skills like database, Git, and mobile application development would be an advantage.

Data is the new oil

The growing popularity of data science is a game-changer for the software development domain. The choices of skills are endless here. While you can master streaming data tools such as Apache Kafka, knowledge of big data platforms like Apache Spark is also a must. Don’t miss out on modern data warehouses like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and go the extra mile with skills like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

When it comes to honing software development skills, you cannot rely only on formal education and training. Everything boils down to the desire to learn, and you can evolve through your career.

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