How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Data Science Developer?

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Data Science Developer?

Today, simply the lazy is not discussing Data Scientists. In particular, more and more often we hear (and not without reason) that this is the job of the future. There is also talk about high pays in Data Science. Well, let’s see how much specialists with knowledge and without experience earn in countries such as the USA, EU, Russia. But first, a short educational program.

Who is Data Scientist?

Data Scientists are specialists in data analysis. Such specialists often possess a mathematical mindset, are proficient in statistical analysis, and can see patterns and find them.

As a rule, Data Scientists are engaged in:

  • Collection of huge quantities of data, their modification;
  • Resolving marketing difficulties using data analysis;
  • Work with ​​SAS, R, Python;
  • Work with statistics;
  • Analytics, machine learning;
  • Identifying various patterns, etc.

Accordingly, a good specialist should own:

  • Statistics, computer learning;
  • Programming languages ​​SAS, R or Python;
  • Databases MySQL, Postgres;
  • Hadoop and MapReduce.

That, of course, is not all, but, be that as it may, all these technologies can be heard, and the Data Scientist payroll deserves it. If you need to hire big data developers you should know the price numbers.

What do the numbers say?

Well, let’s go on to the principal goal of the report – pay in the area of Data Science. Let’s start with the USA.

What is the salary of a specialist without practice?

As is customary in IT and not simply in IT, the salary depends on the skill and level of the professional. There are also juniors, middle and seniors here. Naturally, the salary of a trainee data scientist will be the cheapest. According to the ZipRecruiter rating, it is in the field of $ 69,000 per year or 5,750 per month. And it is not bad that the normal salary in the United States is about $ 3.5 thousand per month.

What is the salary of a junior specialist?

According to the Glassdoor website, Junior Data Scientist makes about $ 121,000 a year or more than $ 10,000 a month. Very good, to say the least.

How much does a senior specialist get?

Naturally, a lot. Of course, there are no rules and boundaries here, but the figures tell us that such a specialist can receive about $ 162,000 per year or $ 13,500 per month. Yes, there is something to strive for.

But it should be said right away that it is not so easy to achieve such a salary. Not only that, you have to be an expert and devote quite a lot of time to Data Science. Consider this circumstance, because you will have to study all your life.

Comparing salaries in the US and the EU

Well, with the United States, everything is clear anyway – this country is well known for its wage salaries. Let’s take a closer glance at how much Data Scientists get in European nations.

Looking at the DataCareer statistics, we can see that the most reliable EU countries to operate as a data analyst are countries such as:

  • Switzerland,
  • Germany;
  • Great Britain.

Of course, the payroll is less than in the United States of America, but all the same, both junior and senior Data Scientists get pretty good. If we talk about experts with experience, then in Switzerland their annual earnings exceed 100 thousand euros per year.

The average salary of a Data Scientist in the Russian Federation

Here, as elsewhere, much also depends on experience. But, as often happens, in the IT field, even a junior gets more than the average Russian:

  • Moscow: 120,000 – 230,000 rubles;
  • St. Petersburg: 70,000 – 180,000 rubles;
  • Regions: 40,000 – 120,000 rubles.

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