How to Become a Professional Web Developer in 7 Simple Steps

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How to Become a Professional Web Developer in 7 Simple Steps

It’s not so hard to become a web developer but the question is how to be the best developer ever? In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question. 7 simple steps will lead you to a professional career. Follow this guide and you’ll archive your goal.

How to measure your programming skills?

Step 1. You should know who you are

Each developer should choose one of these ways to build a career:

  • Front end developing

If you choose this way, you’ll learn how to build an awesome appearance of a website. Such developers also called client-side developers.

  • Back end developing

If you choose this way, you’ll learn how to work with data and transfer it from the webserver to the web browser.

  • Full-stack developing

In this way, you’ll be able to create the whole website by yourself but you should know that people who dedicate themselves only to front end or to the back end will do it better.

Nevertheless, a lot of web companies looking for full-stack developers. Do you want to be one of them? Go! Fight! Win!

Choose your niche

Step 2. You should know who do you want to work for

Choose one of these ways:

  • Big web development companies

Big companies almost always mean big customers. Work on some projects may take more time than a year. Are you ready to devote yourself to one big project, in which you’ll carry out only a small part? If not, then you should pay attention to small companies.

  • Small web development companies

In such small business web development companies, you’ll have to work on several projects at once. The tasks will be interesting and completely different. If this pace of work is more suitable for you, then you should look for work in these companies. But you must know the answer before you even begin your search. Exact answers to questions are one of the criteria of a professional web developer.

Essential Skills

Step 3. You must have the necessary skills

Skills should be maximized. A professional differs from a junior developer in that he knows several options for performing the same task. Do you know how to do it? Or are you still struggling to find at least one good option?

Then you should concentrate on gaining knowledge and practice. A theory without programming practice is a failed plan. Practice as much as you can. This is what will make you a professional developer.

Do you have a good portfolio?

Step 4. A good portfolio is your key to the world of web development

Start with small projects. Make them for your portfolio. A good portfolio should reflect your current skills. Increase the load gradually. Your portfolio is a ticket to a good company.

Don’t take projects that require skills that you don’t possess. Everything has its time. If you practice hard in programming, you will certainly achieve the goal and get a position in a good company with interesting projects. But you should be prepared for the fact that the first projects may not be as interesting as you expect.

Test your project

Step 5. A professional web developer always tests his websites

If you want to be a professional you should spend some time looking for bugs. Of course, your very first websites will get a lot of bugs but your target is to find them and fix.

Web developers’ forums

Step 6. If you got a question you should know where to find an answer

That’s why you should join some web developers’ forums. The Internet has too much information. It’s easy to lose when you look for an answer. Much better if you are a member of the developers’ forum where users always ready to give any advice or something.

Such forums are very useful for developers of any level of skills. Some of them want to find an answer but others want to solve some unusual developers’ issues to become better web developers and use these answers in their work process.

Use these forums regularly. Come there not only when you have encountered a problem. If you were once helped on such a forum, try to help someone else too. This is a good practice. There is a lot to learn in these forums.

Analyze other websites

Step 7. Learn not only from your mistakes but also from other people’s mistakes

It’s very important never stop to learn. Only this way leads to a professional career as a web developer. Pay attention to websites created by other developers. Scan their websites and try to find bugs. Check the code of it and try to make up another way to build the same. Of course, a better one.

Now you know this path that will lead you to a professional web developer role isn’t so simple as you wanted. But even in this case you still have an amazing opportunity to reach your goal.

Devoting your time and strength to studying not only your projects but also the projects of other programmers is a good idea that will lead you to good skills. Use this. Never stop learning. Learn after work time some new frameworks and use new knowledge in your workflow. In this way, you will become a professional.

The secret is …

Now you know the secret is hard work and perseverance. If you want to become a professional web developer, you will become one. In addition, now you have a guide on how to do this. Follow this advice and you’ll necessary succeed.

The work of a web developer is very interesting. Every day something will surprise you. Every day you have to learn something new, look for unusual approaches, etc. And if you enjoy it, then a great future awaits you.

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