JavaScript Frameworks: Gamechangers of the Web UI/UX Design

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JavaScript Frameworks: Gamechangers of the Web UI/UX Design

JavaScript is the most reliable take care of fast web apps of today’s era. But unfortunately, the market is over-burdened by the numerous JavaScript frameworks to create flawlessly and error-free UI/UX designs.

The research reveals almost 11M of UI/UX designers go for JavaScript frameworks to develop innovative web apps developments and mind-blowing UI/UX interfaces. Moreover, designers rank the JavaScript frameworks according to their easy-to-access features and versatility regarding themes or libraries.

The creative web developers generated almost $581.9 billion by last year to maintain the core values of UI/UX designs. However, practically all JS frameworks work for building the fastest UX/UX components to respond smartly and support efficient codes that showcase routing functionality.

The article has the core information of savvy, innovative, and creative UI/UX libraries that undergo charismatic JS frameworks. So, let’s break the ice that displays out-of-the-box JS frameworks.

Ext JS by Sencha

Ext JS is specially built to maintain the extensive data to secure the design elements and make the data-intensive. It also uncovers the cross-platform web functionalities and robust, innovative front-end tools to create the UI/UX designs at the perfect peak. In addition, the versatile JS framework has its own more than 140 pre-integrated exclusive UI components such as trees, menus, toolbars, and an HTML 5 calendar. Thus, Ext JS is a versatile framework with innovative features, numerous widgets, and easy-access functionalities. It helps designers create alluring project mock-ups, prototypes, and countless creative UI concepts to increase their mastery.

  • Launched: May 07, 2021.
  • License: Proprietary
  • Developers: Jack Slocum
  • Language: JavaScript

React JS

React JS does not need to introduce itself as it is among the most famous JS frameworks of all time. It is fast and impeccable enough to create interactive and creative UI’s. Netflix and Facebook are associated with React JS. It has a rich following in front-end development sectors as a reliable JavaScript framework that contains JSX and XML syntax language that can convert HTML into JavaScript. It is the most shocking fact that React JS accelerates 94,000 websites under 1,300 UI/UX developers. It is easy to access, and almost 8,000 companies experienced React JS, including Netflix and Airbnb. It is a JS framework with a small API, and designers can reuse its core components to make creative and appealing application interfaces and UI designs.

  • Launched: May 29, 2013.
  • Author: Jordan Walke
  • Developers: Facebook.
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Platform: Web


Angular is the second charm of developers because of its free subscription, open-source functionality, and Google breed versatility to assist the desktop and mobile at the same time. It is the fastest and demands complex coding factors. It has valuable features such as directives, two-way bindings, editing controls, maintaining essentials, and unbeatable filters. It contains almost 80 UI components that undergo instant versatile themes and creative tools for premium UI/UX development designs. Moreover, YouTube and PayPal utilized Angular for their UI/UX themes and login pages.

  • Launched: 14 September 2016.
  • Developers: Google
  • Author: Deborah Kurata
  • Language: TypeScript
  • Platform: Web


Vue is the most progressive and intelligent JS framework so far. It is undergoing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax. Vue is versatile enough to embrace an ecosystem that augments its strength between a full-featured UI library and an outstanding framework. It helps to create large-scale single-page projects with its flashy virtual DOM. It is also free, front-end, and the open-source creative JS framework for building incredible UI/UX design and interfaces.

  • Launched: 14 February 2014.
  • Developers: Google
  • Author: Evan You
  • Language: TypeScript
  • Platform: Web

Anime JS

Anime JS does not need an introduction as it is also famous among UI/UX developers. UI/UX developers are allowed to animate the magnifying interfaces such as DOM, CSS, and SVG. Anime JS contains countless codes from Action 2653 to Sci-Fi 2729. It is the most powerful animation engine to scale up the animation sectors in the UI/UX industry. It also contains an API mechanism and various short and long templates and coding features. Developers love to engage with it and make their UI/UX design more phenomenal and attractive according to their creativity.

  • Launched: 2016
  • Author: Julian Garnier
  • Platform: Web


Ember is created for building ultra-modern and most versatile UI/UX interfaces and web applications. It is famous in the tech industry, and developers love to work on Ember as it provides the freedom to create next-level UI designs and interfaces. It is free and open-source as well. It contains backward compatibility and is intelligent enough to learn the newly released features while offering a stunning document creation process and better resources.

  • Initial release date: December 8, 2011
  • Original author(s): Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale
  • License: MIT License

Smooth UI

Smooth UI undergoes its original features and powering countless websites. It allows you to fix your margins accurately and save time by implementing the short key such as M for margin and P for padding. UI/UX designers can use any color they wish in their creative interfaces. It is open-source and displays the complete documented factors in it. It is helpful for mobile app animated videos to develop productive and detailed UI/UX designs. UI/UX designers love to utilize its innovative features as it allows them to code less and do more in a minimal timeframe.

  • Launched: 2018
  • License: MIT licensed

Wrapping Up the Intelligence

There are countless UI/UX designers and JavaScript frameworks that intertwine with each other in a tech world to build masterpiece interfaces and web applications. According to its skills and designing strength, every designer uses JavaScript frameworks to come up with extraordinary interfaces. The articles have revealed the core information of world-famous JavaScript frameworks for the developers and the noobs who intend to utilize them for future purposes. We have shared everything ranging from beneficial features to the progressive and dynamic functionalities to furnish UI/UX interfaces and web applications efficiently. So, it’s time to say Happy Coding Ahead to you all.

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