What Does a Blockchain Developer Do?

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What Does a Blockchain Developer Do?

Working in blockchain projects is serious and long-term. For many, this is a matter to which their whole life is dedicated. In addition to a high blockchain developer salary, a blockchain developer receives moral satisfaction. It is always nice to feel “on the crest of a wave”, to be a person who is engaged in something new and unknown. This compensates for the need for discipline. Here are tight deadlines, high development requirements and often stressful conditions for blockchain development services.

Blockchain Developers Fall Into 3 Main Categories:

1. Blockchain Engineers

These are people who create shells of software products, implement complex algorithms. They are the ones who are “at the forefront” of the development. It is here that the greatest requirements for entry. You need a good command and serious practical experience in the C and Java family languages, an understanding of the software and hardware architecture at the global level. It’s deep acquaintance with the work of the server side of applications.

2. Blockchain Programmers

These are the creators of client products and web interfaces that use blockchain technologies. The range of requirements here is significant. This can be both knowledge of basic web development languages. These are such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or more exotic conditions. For example, familiarity with Go, Rust, experience with Node.js or MongoDB.

3. Smart Contract Developers

This group of specialists is directly involved in the preparation and maintenance of smart contracts. And also it solves applied problems that arise during the operation of the blockchain service. Here, knowledge of Javascript and Python comes to the fore. As well as experience in full-stack web development. The threshold for entry is quite democratic – experience of working as a web developer and knowledge of popular languages, libraries and frameworks.

The Level of Requirements for Blockchain Developers is Generally High

Despite the lack of staff, companies do not want to hire people who will have to seriously complete their education. Adding to this a high level of responsibility. As well as work for the result, one can understand why blockchain developers are chronically lacking.

C ++ is most often used as a language for writing blockchain applications. Javascript follows with a significant lag.

What a blockchain developer needs to know:

  • Knowledge in programming is only the first, albeit basic requirement. But it is not at all the only condition for finding a job successfully. In addition, it is important to have certain knowledge in the following areas:
  • Understanding of basic economic models and exchange trading. These are technical and fundamental analysis, investments;
  • A confident and sufficiently detailed understanding of what the blockchain is. How it works and functions. As well as familiarity with cryptocurrency projects in the top ten of the CoinMarketCap rating at the level of reading and studying WhitePaper;
  • Knowledge of the principles of the leading dApps platforms, such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON;
  • Understanding how Hyperledger Fabric works, other leading enterprise blockchain projects and solutions.

When drafting smart contracts on the Ethereum platform with Unicsoft.com, the Solidity and Serpent languages ​​are used. learning them will not create additional difficulties for an experienced JavaScript or Python developer. It’s due to the fact that they are built on their basis.

In addition, the work of a blockchain developer will greatly simplify the understanding of cryptography and knowledge of the English language.


You will need a general understanding of the history of cryptography. Here is an emphasis on the most significant milestones in its development over the past 70 years. Asymmetric encryption, stream ciphers, pseudo-random sequence generation, the most common algorithms and data encoding methods built on their basis, an idea of ​​cryptanalysis methods. All this can be found in a good university textbook on this subject.

Special attention will need to be paid to encryption algorithms in general. And, first of all, to those used in the most common blockchains (SHA-256, Ethash, Scrypt, X11, CryptoNight, Equihash).

Additional Skills

Most of the noteworthy information in the field of cutting-edge engineering appears in English only. Not knowing English, it becomes almost impossible to learn new solutions. It helps to communicate with the community. And it is almost always multilingual.

It’s correspondence with colleagues on Reddit, GitHub, Slack. Therefore, knowledge of this language is highly desirable.

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