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Crello, A Free Graphic Design Software for Everyone

People will usually think of Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW every time they want to create a design. The biggest problem of that sort of software is that you need to have a good design skill to use them. Wait, is there a way to create a design without having a design skill?

Have you heard about Crello? It is the tool you need if you want to create a design, but have no design skill. You can create a design with Crello without having to be a master in design since the tool offers ready-to-use design templates. All you need to do is specify the type of design you want to create and select the best suited template based on your need. Next, you can tailor the contents to meet your need.

Crello is certainly not the only this sort of graphic design software. There are several similar tools available. From Canva to Picmonkey. However, Crello is cool because you can use all of the features for free. As a comparison, Canva requires you upgrade your account to premium before being able access certain features.

Crello is an online graphic design software, which means you don’t need to install additional software to use it. Does Crello was intended to be an Adobe Illustrator killer?

I don’t think so. Adobe Illustrator remains great tool for professional graphic designer to work. Online graphic design tools like Crello have a different market target to tools like Adobe Illustrator. Crello tends to suit for those who frequently post visual contents to social media, like bloggers for instance. With a minimum design skills, they can turn their ideas into a cool visual form.

You said that Crello is not the only online graphic design tool out there. So, what makes Crello different?

Yes, Crello is not the only online graphic design tool. Some of Crello potential competitors are Canva, Picmonkey andĀ Snappa. What makes Crello different is that it doesn’t charge you to use all of the available features. Unlike, for instance, Canva.

That’s all?

Of course not. Below are some good things about Crello.

Has an easy to use user interface

First, I need to tell you what sort of design you can create with Crello.

Crello is a great tool to create frequently-used designs like Facebook post, Instagram post, event invitation, email header and so on. There are 31 of design formats you can select in total. Whatever the design format you choose, you will be provided the same interface, which is extremely ease to use. That is why Crello is confident enough with its “with Crello, everyone is a designer” jargon. Because Crello is indeed easy to use by everyone. Doesn’t require an advanced skill in design. You can even create and animated post with this tool as well.

Working on design with Crello is fun. You will be provided a nice-looking working canvas. On the left panel, you will see six main menus to support your working process. For instance, if you want to add certain element on your design — like icons, shapes or illustrations — you can select theĀ OBJECTS menu and voila, hundreds of objects will be welcomed you.

With a drag and drop functionality, it’s easy to relocate certain element to the right position you want.

Each template on Crello comes with the default contents. You can tailor the default contents to meet your need by changing them. The default contents you possibly want to change is text. To change a text, just click on it and a pop up window will appear. On the appearing window you can make some settings like font style, font size, font color, text alignment and so on. Everything is easy and enjoyable.

Has a better built-in file manager

Crello allows you to create as many designs as you want. If you frequently use this tool to create design, surely you will have a batch of files on it. Chances are you will reuse one of them some day. For this reason, it would be so much nice if you could organize all of the design files you have.

Crello comes with a better file manager. When you are working on a design, Crello will automatically save your work. All of your works can be accessed from the My Projects page, or I prefer to call it file manager. You can access this page by clicking the three-line icon at the top-left corner.

You can organize all of your works by creating folders to put together designs by category. For instance, you can create a folder titled “facebook post” to put together all of the Facebook post designs.

Has 11,000 of free templates

At the time of writing Crello has about 11,000 ready-to-use design templates to make your job of creating design becomes much easier. Design are divided into several categories from technology, fashion and style, travel and vacation, finance and so on.

Has abundant collections of photo

You might be wondering. How do Crello be able to generate revenue while it doesn’t offer premium features?.

When creating a design you will sometimes want to add a photo that best represent the concept of the design you are creating. You can find the photo you want by clicking the PHOTOS menu on the left panel. Once clicked the menu you will then see plenty of paid photos. Each photo is priced $0.99. All photos are supplied by Depositphotos, a royalty-free microstock photography agency. That is how Crello generate money, by selling photos.

For your information, Crello itself is owned by Depositphotos. Even so, Crello also provides free photos. There are about 10,000 free photos offered by Crello.

In addition, you can also upload your own photos from your computer.


Crello is a great graphic design tool for those who want to create a visual content for social media or blog, but have no design skill. The abundant collections of free ready-to-use design templates makes it easy for you to create a design in minutes. Each template has a predefined dimension, but Crello also allows you to specify your own dimension for your design. Crello also allows you download your design in a wide range of formats. From JPG, PNG and PDF. Crello is a great tool for bloggers and social media managers who have a poor design skill, but want to create a better visual contents.

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