DesignCap Poster Maker Review: An Excellent Online Graphics Tool Assisting You Creating Persuasive Posters

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DesignCap Poster Maker Review: An Excellent Online Graphics Tool Assisting You Creating Persuasive Posters

Like advertisers look for some approaches to get more exposure for their products, people who want to communicate their ideas also seek out useful media to communicate their message. Although the methods they applied would be different, they share the same purpose: reaching as many as the crowd to pay attention to their products, events and messages. If you walk outside, you would see the most common advertisement would be posters publicized in walls, bus stops or even some cars. Yes, the poster is one of the most popular methods for its cost-effective advantage.

Have you ever considered making use of professional-looking posters to reaching your audience? Did posters are easy or difficult for you? If your answer is creating is not an easy task, this article would share an awesome tool to resolve your problem.

DesignCap, developed by PearlMountain, a graphics software company over ten-year experience, is created to help you to make lovely and striking posters with a simple process. Also as an online graphics tool, it is no limit for making posters; it can be used to create EBook covers, invitation cards, etc. DesignCap is a very user-friendly poster maker that you could design your poster just in minutes by clicking, dropping and dragging. In addition, DesignCap unique add a function that you could skip registration and go straight your poster designing.

What does DesignCap work?

It is dead easy to make an excellent poster with DesignCap in three simple steps: choose a template, edit and save and share.

First, start from choosing a suitable template or a blank canvas.

An experienced designing team behind DesignCap is preparing hundreds of well-designed poster templates available for you to choose from which will give you some ideas about where to start your works. All these templates cover most themes in daily life, such as promotion posters, music posters, holiday posters, school posters, and movie posters, etc. DesignCap would not let you down and try to include themes you may need to help you realize your goal. Also, it provides a blank canvas to meet your need to design a full customization poster. It is totaling feasible for you to select a blank one for DesignCap boasting its abundant decoration poster resource.

Second, decorate the poster template

DesignCap offers you decoration tools for you to enhance your works, namely, Photo, Text, Clipart and Background.

  • Photo

It would be a surprising function that DesignCap allows you import images from your computer and Facebook. Even you have a few pictures in these two channels; you can search from Pixabay’s 580,000 free images. A massive element resource is back you up to perfect your work, and you would no worry nothing to use.

  • Text

Even as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the text should not be neglect. A font stock is here to help you convey your message and hook crowd eyes. The fonts are more than the menu displayed when you click the font editor, you would see more.

  • Clipart

Different from Photo editor, Clipart editor is classifying in various categories, like shape, icon, funny, travel and holiday, etc. this lovely clipart are quite useful for you. Like the first two editors, when you click the element, it would present a little tool and to change its effect.

  • Background

There are three kinds of backgrounds including solid color, gradient color and preset pattern. This part would help people select a blank canvas.

Third, save and share your poster

When you are finishing your work, you could save and share your works for the purpose to attract as many as the audience to focus on what message you want to communicate. And there is one question you would concern that is how to get your works without cost. It is effortless to get them, just feel free to share DesignCap on your social media.

Final thought

DesignCap poster maker is still trying to improve itself to provide a better designing experience to every user. If you want to know more about DesignCap, just access it website:

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