Everypost Review: A Simple Tool to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

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Everypost Review: A Simple Tool to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

In terms of social media management, Hootsuite is the first tool that come in mind for the vast majority of social media manager. But for some, what Hootsuite offers are too much. If you just need to schedule your social media posts there are several simpler tools you can use, Everypost is one of which.

At the first glance, what Everypost offers are look have no difference to Hootsuite. But, this tool has different focus to Hootsuite. Hootsuite is purely a social media management tool where you can create scheduled posts, interact with your audiences, make an analysis and so on. Everypost doesn’t come with all of those capabilities (except scheduled posts)

You can use Everypost to post the same contents to multiple media accounts from different platforms at once as well as creating scheduled posts. The same tasks can also be handled by Hootsuite, but there is a feature offered by Everypost that is not available on Hootsuite: content curation.

If you haven’t used Everypost before and is on the plan to use it the near future, here are what you can do and what you can’t do with the tool.

1. Supported social media platforms

At some points, Everypost is probably too basic if you are an experienced social media manager. Including this part. At the time of writing, you can only manage your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (it also supports Tumblr to allow you schedule your Tumblr posts).

As a comparison, other social media management tools like Hootsuite or even Buffer support more social media platforms. Buffer, for instance, the tool already support nearly all social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Publishing and scheduling features

At this part, everything is okay. You can use Everypost to post the same contents on the different social media accounts at once, helping you save time.

This is the point. Just like other similar tools, Everypost also allows you to create a bunch of scheduled posts. Creating scheduled posts is the common strategy adopted by social media managers to post contents to social media channels on the right time. However, the content composer offered by Everypost I think is less friendly. Instead of bottom, the post and schedule buttons are located at the upper side panel. When used the tool for the first time, I also thought something like “where the hell is the post button?”.

It’s really a bad idea to put the crucial button like this one outside of the composer area.

3. Content curation feature

Content curation is the feature offered by Everypost to allow you explore the visual contents from YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram to be posted on your social media channels. With this feature, you don’t need to leave the Everypost dashboard if you want to post social media contents from those platforms. If you think that this kind of feature is really needed then Everypost has done a good enough job. But I think it can offer a better interface for this feature.

4. Analytics

One key thing you need to know about Everypost. The tool is currently still in a beta version. So, the team of Everypost might are developing more features and fixing some already available ones that should be better. By the time you read this article, Everpost has no analytics feature yet. The menu has been available, but you will see a “coming soon” message when clicking it. There is not exact information when will the feature be ready to use.

5. Free version vs paid version

Today, the vast majority of online services and tools adopt the freemium business model. Everypost is one the those tools. You can use Everypost for free, but with some restrictions here and there. When it comes to content publishing tool like Everypost, the difference between free and paid version usually are the number of social media accounts you can add and the number of scheduled posts you can create. There are also features that only available for paid version. One of which is collaboration capability.

The free version of Everypost only allows you to add a single social media account per platform. The maximum scheduled posts you can add to the queue are 10. Everypost itself offers four premium packages with the cheapest package costs $9.99 per month, while the most expensive one costs $99.99 per month.


Currently, Everypost is still in a beta version so it will probably too soon to make a judgement over this tool. There are features that are still in a development, like analytics. Until the tool is completely ready, all of the judgement seem a bit unfair. The question is, why do Everypost team already offer the paid version while the product is not completely ready?.

I am not saying that Everypost is a bad product. But until the tool is completely ready, it will probably be a better idea to use another tool to schedule your social media contents. There are a bunch of similar tools out there. But if you want to give it a try and taste difference experience, there is no sin at all.

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