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OneDrive vs Google Drive. The Giants Battle

OneDrive and Google Drive respectively are two online storage services from two tech giant companies. OneDrive is owned by Microsoft, while Google Drive is owned by Google. As cloud storage service, the major function of those two is nothing but for storing files online. However, same as other similar services, OneDrive and Google Drive have also transformed from a mere online storage tool to a collaboration tool. Today, there have been many collaboration tools that support integration with those two.

OneDrive — which previously known as SkyDrive — is basically an old player in the cloud storage market. Microsoft released this service publicly in 2007. Google Drive, on the other hand, was released years later when the cloud storage market has been crowded by names like Dropbox and Box. Google Drive was released in 2012.

Despite Google Drive is basically younger than OneDrive, but it tends to more popular than OneDrive following the popularity of Android. As you know, Google Drive is the default cloud storage service of most Android devices.

You might be wondering, which is the better one between these two popular cloud storage services? Let’s find out.

User interface

User interface is one of the key factors that affect a success of an app. When an app comes with a nice-looking interface and easy to use, there is big chance that the app will gain its success. This rule also applies to cloud storage service. Both OneDrive and Google Drive provide a wide range of client apps to makes it easy for users to upload, access and manage their files, including web client app which you can access from web browser.

The web client apps of OneDrive and Google Drive have an easy-to-use interface. Even new users will meet no serious problem in using both of them. Recently, OneDrive has changed its front page with a cleaner look. When you visit its website on without login, you will see a very clean look that is very comfortable to view. However, the inner look remains the same. The web client apps of cloud storage is basically also play a role as a file manager so you will see the similar interface between web client apps of OneDrive and Google Drive with regular desktop file manager. Google Drive comes with a grey icon color for folder with a tinier size. OneDrive also offers the same icon color for folder, but with a larger icon size.

Both OneDrive or Google Drive allow you to sort the files and folders based on certain parameter to makes it easy for you finding the files you need. At this part, OneDrive is slightly superior to Google Drive since it offers more parameters than Google Drive. If you are a fan of flat design concept then OneDrive is better choice.

Winner: OneDrive

Free storage capacity

Free storage capacity is also the aspect someone consider the most, other than interface, when choosing a cloud storage service. As you knew, both OneDrive and Google Drive are freemium services. While you can use them for free, paid version are also available in case you need more spaces.

Free version of OneDrive gives you a 5 GB of free storage capacity, while Google Drive offers a 15 GB of free storage. Until here, it’s easy to say that Google Drive is the winner. But, there is one thing you need to know. You have to share the 15 GB free storage capacity with two other Google’s services, Google Photos and Gmail.

Winner: Google Drive

Paid storage options

Both OneDrive and Google Drive offer several subscription plans for users who need more spaces. They both only accept credit card (MasterCard and VISA) as the payment method, which is less flexible especially for individuals who have’t hold an credit card. As a comparison, Dropbox accepts payment via PayPal.

OneDrive offers simpler subscription plans to users. At the time of writing, the cloud storage provider has only three subscription packages with cheapest package is priced $1.99 per month with the storage capacity of 50 GB. The maximum storage capacity offered by OneDrive is 5 TB which cost for $9.9 per month. In addition to more storage capacity, you will also get additional premium features to enhance your productivity.

How about Google Drive?

Google Drive has more subscription packages. At the time of writing, Google Drive offers 6 paid subscription plans with the fewest capacity of 100 GB, priced $1.99 per month. Other packages offered by Google Drives are 1 TB, 2 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB and 20 TB.

In order to make it fair, let’s take a detailed calculation of the cheapest subscription plans offered by each service, OneDrive with its 50 GB ($1.99/month) and Google Drive with its 100 GB ($1.99/month). At this point, you know that Google is cheaper than OneDrive. All of the subscription plans offered by OneDrive (with the exception of 50 GB) are bundled with Office 365. Which means, you are forced to use Microsoft’s online office suite. The subscription plans offered by OneDrive tend to suit Microsoft’s products users.

Winner: Google Drive

The availability of client app

As I mentioned earlier, be it OneDrive or Google Drive provide client apps for a wide range of platforms. In addition to web, they also provide client apps for desktop and mobile. At this section, they both are very identical. In addition to web, OneDrive provide client apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. So do Google.

Winner: draw

Sharing options

Both OneDrive and Google Drive allow you to easily share certain files or folders with friends, families or colleagues with a very easy way. When you right-click on a certain folder/file on both you will see a sharing option on the appearing menu.

Google Drive allows you to share files privately via email or publicly by creating a shareable link. You can also set what they (people you share the files with) can do with the file you share. Whether you want to allow them to edit or view only. So do OneDrive. You can also share files privately via email or publicly via a link. You can also set whether you allow anyone to edit your files or view only.

One additional setting you can do when sharing files publicly on OneDrive that can’t be done in Google Drive. You can set the expiration date of the link. However, this option is not available for free accounts.

Winner: OneDrive

Collaboration capability

As I mentioned at the beginning, not only you can use cloud storage services to store your files online. You can also use them to collaborate with others on certain project, especially document-related.

The companies behind Google Drive and OneDrive have their respective online office suite. Google with Google Docs and Microsoft with Office 365. You can directly create documents on both Google Drive and OneDrive and invite others to join your work. In addition, current external online collaboration tools commonly also support integration with both services.

Winner: draw


OneDrive and Google Drive have similarities in some ways. They provide client apps for web, desktop and mobile platform to ease you in accessing your files as well as adding new ones. In addition, you can also use them to collaborate with your team members or anyone.

However, the core service of both is basically cloud storage. As I explained, Google Drive offers more spacious storage capacity for free users. It also has cheaper subscription plans than OneDrive. So, I can say that Google Drive is the winner of the battle.

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