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PDFBear: Converting PDF Files to Word Documents Effortlessly

Are you currently having a hard time re-typing an online document that has been protected and could not be edited? Or are you simply looking for a fast way to get the job done? Without even asking, you would not have come to this, in the first place, and decided to read if you are not looking for an easy solution to your related problem. Luckily, as technology advances, there are already several ways available to fix even the smallest problems of man, which require energy and time that would make their life easier and stress-free.

Re-typing documents is indeed a strenuous activity, especially when you do daily office work. Thus, people value time more and always hope they can deal with things in the quickest way possible. So, without further ado, let us get you through the easiest fixes to convert your PDF (Portable Data Format) files into editable Word documents. Another bonus that should be announced beforehand, these steps are done with just a few clicks online, and it is for free!

What is PDFBear?

A website among thousands more, PDFBear is an online converter made available for everyone’s convenience. A website where you could easily convert PDF to Word online. You will be easily guided with its manual on the website itself as you upload and convert your PDF file. Only a few clicks are needed, and you are ready-to-go with your re-typed document. No lingering advertisements and you could use the app for free without a trial-limit.

Your usual 1-2 hours of re-typing could easily be a minute-or-less job with this online tool. A free 14 days’ trial is also available, where you could try its additional features from its “Pro” version. The page could be found or searched through the URL PDFbear.com/pdf-to-word.

Steps to Follow in Converting PDF to Word in PDFBear

With four easy steps, you could already convert your PDF file to an editable word document. Following are the steps to follow using the online tool:

  • Step One: Upload or “Drag and Drop” files on the converter.
  • Step Two: The converter will automatically scan the document.
  • Step Three: Wait for the conversion process to finish.
  • Step Four: The document is ready.

Fast, isn’t it? Four simple and easy steps to lighten your workload. Another great thing is that you could use this application anytime, anywhere, and it is for free! Unless you would want to avail additional and advanced features from the website. Although, it is worth having one way or the other – or both!

Additional Features

PDFBear is not only an online tool where you could convert your Portable Data Format (PDF) files to Word documents. This website also provides its users with the following:

1. Convert to PDF

This section in the website helps you to convert your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, or even pictures to Portable Data Format.

2. Convert from PDF

This section provides the opposite. It is used to convert your PDF files, this time to Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and PDF/A files.

3. Organize PDF

This section could help you merge, split, or delete pages from your PDF files.

4. Optimize PDF

This section compresses or repairs PDFs.

5. View and Edit PDF

In this section, you may be able to edit your PDF, read PDF files, share documents, number pages, add watermark, rotate, and have an e-sign on your PDF files.

6. PDF Security

PDFs could be protected or/and unlocked in this section.

Converting PDF to Word online is most relevant among students and employees that often deal with documents. One common problem is that most protected and non editable documents may sometimes require revisions or additional pieces of information. Thus, people used to have a difficult time re-typing a bunch of papers. This is why these types of online tools were created to address modern problems with technological solutions.

Advantages of the Online Tool

As stated earlier, PDFBear is only one among thousands of other online tool converters. Thus, this means there are more options for users, like yourself, to choose from. But may this stand out from the rest? the following are the list of reasons why PDFBear is the most convenient online converter tool:

  • Best Choice. To meet your PDF to Word needs, PDFBear has partnered with Solid Document (another application that takes PDF files and recreates the documents) that offers the best conversion service for PDF files to Word documents.
  • Simple to Use. Only a few clicks are needed, and you will instantly have your converter documents within a few minutes.
  • No Required Installations. This converter tool is available on Windows, Mac, or Linux machines for free. PDFBear requires no installation, which makes this tool universally available to anyone.
  • Quality. Solid-Framework supports PDFBear. Solid’s technology has shown to be superior to any available online converter tools that set a high standard and quality.
  • User-friendly. This online platform has been simplified for people to navigate through the website easily. With this PDF converter, you will only need to click thrice to have your PDF documents scanned and converted.

In Conclusion

Advancements in technology made our lives easier, most especially in dealing with workloads. Converting PDF to Word documents is relevant, most especially among students and employees. Thus, an online tool to help convert PDF files to Word documents is most convenient during this time. Hence, with just a few clicks and following some simple steps online, you may be able to convert your documents as necessitated. PDFBear is the right partner for your school and office work. Having read through this article, you are mostly able to find the easiest solution to your dreadful re-typing problems. Say goodbye to wasting your time and submit that schoolwork of yours or impress your boss today!

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