Remember the Milk Review: A (Truly) Cross-platform To-do List App

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Remember the Milk Review: A (Truly) Cross-platform To-do List App

Some people might say that they can be more productive without involving any productivity tools on their workflow, but I can also say that adopting a to-do list app can help you accomplish even more. Speaking of to-do list app, have you heard Remember the Milk?

No. It is not the tool to remind you of drinking milk or any other beverages. It’s is a to-do list app that will help you organize the list of tasks to do, whether today, tomorrow, next week or any time. Remember the Milk is great to-do list app that is available for all major platforms. You can set today’s tasks list as well as mark the ones you have get done from any device you have.

While you can use Remember the Milk to organize personal tasks, you can also use it for a teamwork. Let’s find out how the tool can help organize your tasks.

Features and capabilities

As a to-do list app, Remember the Milk allows you to add all things you have to do, whether today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week or any time. They don’t necessarily job-related tasks. You can also use Remember the Milk to create shopping list to ensure you won’t miss anything you supposed to buy. Or, yeah, you can also use it as a reminder of your drink milk schedule.

To make your tasks list be even more organized, Remember the Milk provides a list feature to allow you putting together tasks with the same topics. Say you are a blogger, you can create a list called “next post” and have all post ideas on the list. At the time of writing, Remember the Milk doesn’t support sub-list, which is basically useful enough. As a comparison, Todoist supports such feature.

When adding a new task, Remember the Milk allows you to set the due date, assign it to others, set the priority and add a note. Remember the Milk also allows you to add a reminder, but you need to add a field first to do so.

You can also actually add new tasks under an existing tasks (subtasks), but such capability is only available for the premium version of Remember the Milk. Remember the Milk also comes with a row of shortcuts to save you time. It even also recognizes several keywords for repetitive tasks. For instance, if you want to add monthly tasks in a certain list, you can use they keyword “every month”. You can use the asterisk symbol to see all recognized keywords.

Furthermore, Remember the Milk also supports tags, which can be organized by color. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow file attachment, which you will probably need when you want to assign a task to someone.

Availability of the app

Remember the Milk is a cross-platform app. It is available for nearly all platforms. From Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Fire Tablets. It is even also available for wearable gadgets, although limited to Apple Watch. But soon, Remember the Milk will (probably) be available for Wear OS-based gadgets.

Of course, you can also use Remember the Milk via web. With the wide availability, you can add new tasks — as well as marking the finished ones — from any device thanks to the sync feature. It will make your life get easier.

Teamwork capability

As mentioned, Remember the Milk can also be used as a collaboration tool. You can share a certain list containing tasks to your team members. However, your team members should be a Remember the Milk user as well. After accepting your invitation, your team members will be able to do all things to the concerned list like marking the finished tasks, adding new tasks and so on. If they want, they also be able to assign a certain task to you. There is no position level applied here. It’s different to tools like Trello where you can set yourself as the manager. However, if you use the premium version of Remember the Milk, you will be able to set the permissions by allowing your team members to only read the tasks without giving the permission to edit them.

You can share certain lists (and tasks) via email. The email addresses of your team members you invited will be added to your contacts list. If you use the free version of Remember the Milk, you will only be able to share your lists with two persons.

Unfortunately, Remember the Milk has no feature to allow you tracking the activities of your team members so you won’t be able monitor the progress of the tasks you have assigned to. As a comparison, Todoist has an activity log feature to allow you monitor the status of each task you have assigned to.


To allow you getting the most out of Remember the Milk, the tool also offers integrations, although the amount is not as many as — for instance, Todoist. At the time of writing, the services you can integrate with Remember the Milk are Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar, Evernote, Siri and Alexa. In addition, you can also connect Remember the Milk with other services via IFTTT.

You might will find that some integrations don’t work the way you expected. For instance, the Remember the Milk integration with Gmail doesn’t allow you to instantly convert a message into a task. Instead, it appears as a side-panel that shows all the existing tasks you have, which I think is less useful. The integration you might find useful enough is probably with Evernote (assuming you are an Evernote user), which allows you to manage your Evernote Reminders.


Remember the Milk is a freemium tool. If you feel that it suits you, then you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock more features. The premium version of Remember the Milk allows you to share lists with unlimited persons. You can also add subtasks on certain tasks. There are several other features you will get if you upgrade your free account, including themes.

The premium version of Remember the Milk costs $39.99 per year, which you can pay via credit cards or PayPal. Remember the Milk doesn’t offer monthly subscription option. Is $39.99 expensive?

It’s relative enough. As comparison, the premium version of Todoist costs $28.99/year, while is $2.24 per month (about $26.88 per year).


If you need a tool to create tasks list which allows you accessing the tasks you have created across-device, Remember the Milk is a worth-trying tool. It is available for nearly all platforms, including Linux which often considered the minority. Nothing is perfect. Neither Remember the Milk. There are some missed features that supposed to be there, like file attachment. You can find better similar tools out there, but sometimes everything is about taste. Overall, Remember the Milk is good enough as a to-do list app.

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