Taskade is a Great Tool to Manage Your Remote Team Tasks

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Taskade is a Great Tool to Manage Your Remote Team Tasks

There are lots of popular names in the task management tool segment with most of them are online-based. The need of an online task management tool is getting more crucial as many people are forced to work from home due to pandemic. Even before the pandemic, many people have been using an online task management tool to handle their distributed/remote team.

If you are a project manager or business owner and are looking for a tool to manage your remote team, Taskade is a great tool you can try. This tool comes with most features you can expect from an online task management tool. Plus, it also comes with a robust built-in in chat feature. How good is this tool? Read on to learn more.

What is Taskade?

In a very simple word, Taskade is an online-based project management tool. You can use it to create and manage the project of your team to make them keep organized and get done on time. You can assign each project and tasks inside it to the team members you have. To smoothen out your communication with your team members, Taskade also offers a built-in chat tool you can make use of. The built-in chat tool of Taskade even supports both voice and video call to allow you to conduct an online meeting (we will cover it later below). You and your team members can also exchange the necessary files for your projects.

Although Taskade is developed with collaboration in mind, you can also use it as a personal task management tool to assist you to manage your tasks in case you are a freelancer with several projects to handle.

Taskade is released as a cross-platform app. This is great because you can communicate with your team members regardless of the operating system they use. The app of Taskade is available for the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux (available in an AppImage format)
  • Android
  • iOS

Taskade interface and ease of use

Taskade is available for web, desktop, and mobile. The interface of the web version and the desktop version of Taskade is pretty similar. The only difference is that the desktop version comes with a tabbed interface, allowing you to open projects, tasks, and workspace in different tabs.

The first impression of the Taskade interface is, it reminds us of Wunderlist, a discontinued well-known simple task management tool. Taskade has a simple interface that is pretty easy to learn for new users. By default, Taskade offers a beautiful photo as the background, which you can change by clicking the palette icon on the bottom-left corner. You can replace the background with another photo or with a solid colid. If you have your own image to be used as a background, you can also do so. Here is a glance look at the Taskade main interface.

Although has a different focus in terms of usage and functionality, Taskade adopts the same concept as Slack in which you need to create a workspace before being able to use it. The reason probably is because Taskade is designed as a collaboration tool. After creating a workspace, you can then invite your team members to join the workspace, add projects and tasks. Taskade also allows you to add sub workspaces to a parent workspace, which is great if you have a mid to large company. You can create sub workspaces dedicated to certain divisions in your company.

When entering a workspace, you will see six handy navigation tabs.

  • Projects: Contains all projects of a workspace.
  • Agenda: Contains all agendas of a workspace. In Taskade, an agenda refers to a deadline (due date) of a task. When you set a due date of a task, it will automatically be added to the agenda.
  • Roadmap: This tab visually represents a structure of things planned ahead.
  • Templates: Contains templates of a workspace. Taskade offers tons of project templates you can import and use.
  • Completed: Shows all completed tasks.
  • Upgrade: If you want to upgrade to Taskade Pro you can simply click this tab.

Taskade also offers extra navigation to offer quick access to projects and tasks, which you can find on the upper right side of the left panel. You can simply click Recent to check the latest activities of your team or click Calendar to check all of the due-dates of the tasks.

One of the unique features offered by Taskade is the ability to view projects in 5 different styles: list, board, action, mindmap, and org chart. You can view projects according to your preference.

Creating a new project and adding tasks

Creating a new project is quite easy in Taskade. You can simply enter a workspace where you want to create a project on and click the New button on the upper right corner. To ease your job, Taskade also offers premade project templates you can choose from. There are tons of project templates offered by Taskade, which are put together in several categories.

In Taskade, a task is represented with a block. To add a new task, you can simply click the Add Block button on a Project. You can add tasks in a checklist format, bullet/number, or paragraph.

When adding a new task, you can upload a file like a PDF document or image. You can also add a due date, assign it to your team members, add a comment, set a priority level, and so on.

Taskade teamwork capability

“All-in-One Collaboration” is the Taskade tagline. As mentioned earlier, Taskade is built with collaboration in mind although you can also use it as a personal task management tool. The Taskade tagline has been representative enough regarding what Taskade wants to offer. First, you can use Taskade to manage the projects and tasks of your team. Second, you can communicate with your team in real-time without needing to install an add-on or integrate Taskade with a third-party chat tool app. Taskade is like Slack and a task management tool combined.

Here are the features offered by Taskade regarding teamwork.

  • The ability to assign project and tasks

To start using Taskade as a collaboration tool, you can first invite your team members to join a workspace. You can do so by clicking the Invite button on the upper-right corner or by clicking the plus icon on the upper-center. Once you have team members joined, you can start assigning both projects and tasks. To assign a project or task to a team member, you can simply click the person icon on the associated project or task.

The team member you assigned the project/task to will get an email notification. To make sure they get the project/task done on time, you can set a due date for each project or task.

  • Live chat, voice call, and video call

When opening a project on a workspace, you will see a chat box on the left side of your screen. You can use it to have a live chat with your team members to make the working process run smoothly when there are some things that need to be communicated. You can mention team members by typing “@” just when you are mentioning someone on Twitter or Instagram. You can also add emojis to your chat.

In Taskade, the chat history is separated per project. The chat history on a certain project won’t appear on another project. This is a great idea to make your chat history uncluttered. In addition to having text-based chat — as mentioned earlier –, you can also have a voice and video chat with your team members. You can even conduct a video conference without needing to install an add-on or integrate Taskade app with a third-party video conference tool.

  • File sharing

Want to add a supporting material in a form of PDF file or an image to a task? You can also do so. Not just you as the project manager, all team members on a workspace are able to upload a file in a wide range of formats required by a project. You can upload a file on the chat box and tasks. You can simply click the cloud icon to upload a file. The free version of Taskade is limited to 100MB storage capacity. To get unlimited storage space, you can upgrade to Taskade pro which costs $5 per user per month.

Other feature: calendar integration

Google Calendar is a popular name when it comes to the calendar app. If you use it on a daily basis, you can integrate your Taskade account with Google Calendar to allow you to view the Taskade calendar from Google Calendar. In addition to Google Calendar, you can also integrate Taskade with App Calendar and Outlook Calendar. This is great as the tendency of today’s people sees calendar in their smartphone. To integrate Taskade with a third-party calendar app you can go to your profile. You will see an Integrations menu on your profile page.

Free vs paid

Taskade is released as a freemium app. Meaning that there is an option to use it for free. You can use the free version of Taskade if you have a team with few members (or for personal task management tool). The free version offers rich enough features. All features we mentioned above are available on the free version.

The limitations of the free version are applied to storage capacity and the number of projects. The free version is limited to 100MB with the maximum projects of 10.

In addition to larger storage capacity and more projects, the paid version of Taskade also offers the following features:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Revision History
  • Custom SAML, 2FA, and Single Sign-On (SSO)

You can see the full comparisons between Taskade Free and Taskade Pro on this page.

The verdict

There are a bunch of task/project management tools out there. They mostly (including Trello and Asana) have no built-in chat feature to allow you to communicate with your teammates in real-time. Usually, you need to make an integration first to add a chat functionality. Just like the tagline suggests, Taskade is an all-in-one collaboration tool. It is a task/project management tool and a chat app combined. You can use it to manage the tasks of your team while also be able to have chat with your team to smoothen your workflow.

Taskade is a great tool if you are looking for a task/project management tool and a professional chat tool. All in a single app. You can also watch the video review of Taskade below.

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