5 Cyber Security Trends for Website Business Owners in 2019

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5 Cyber Security Trends for Website Business Owners in 2019

Cybersecurity should be a concern for people with businesses as well as every member of the public. No one is really safe from cyberattack because cybercriminals target anyone with an online presence. Cybercriminals have been stealing records since the advent of the Internet, and they’re not about to stop. In fact, it’s only about to get worse because technological advancements give cybercriminals the tools they need to carry out fraud.

To beat hackers in their game, you first have to keep an eye out for the latest security trends. As a website business owner, you’re at risk of losing more than someone without online assets. Once you know the cybersecurity threats you’re vulnerable to, the next thing is to take action towards protecting your business.

Cybersecurity has significantly evolved over the past couple of years. You can get access to the resources you need to secure your data if you know where to look. As a college student, ensure you only work with credible website businesses. Professional writing services like Mypaperwriter.com ensures you get the services you need without risking your privacy.

Here are five cybersecurity trends that you need to be aware of in 2019.

1. Sandbox Evasion

Website business owners have been using sandboxing technology to protect their sites from malware. The success of technology has fueled its popularity over the years. Many successful companies across the globe depend on this technology for malware detection.

Even though it’s a tried and tested way of protecting your assets, over-reliance on this technology can be a problem. Why? Well, cybercriminals have found ways to override the firewall companies put up with this technology. Sandbox evasion is achieved by new strains of malware that this technology cannot detect. As you know, you cannot fight a malware whose presence you’re unaware of.

2. IoT Ransomware

The next cybersecurity trend is IoT Ransomware, a trend that proves technological advancements benefit criminals as well. The Internet of things allows different devices to communicate with each other. This means that a cybercriminal can use an unsecured device to hack a secured system.

A cybercriminal can use a seemingly valueless IoT device to target power grids that give them access to a whole database. Hackers play the long game because it costs a lot to create ransomware.

3. GDPR Compliance Lagging

The General Data Protection Regulation went into effect in 2018, but up to date, there is a significant number of companies that are still not in compliance with this regulation. This is because they haven’t yet figured out a way to be compliant in a cost-effective manner.

What these companies don’t realize is that it will cost them much more if they are forced to pay then comply. Failure to comply with the GDPR leaves you vulnerable to huge fines. It is also wise to hire a GDPR consultant like Teamwork IMS if you have any doubts in that area.

4. Multifactor Authentication

In 2019, the standard for security is two-factor authentication. Any company that still uses single authentication is vulnerable to cyberattacks. By the time these companies adopt two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication will have taken off. Companies need to adopt temporary passwords that ensure only verified users have access to their website.

5. Sophisticated Security Technology

With access to sophisticated security technology, you ensure every action your team makes is encrypted to protect your online assets. In 2019, the security of your online business should not be in the hands of your IT staff alone.


Keeping an eye out for the latest cybersecurity trends ensures you find ways to protect your website business. Online business is the future, and the sooner you learn how to protect your online assets, the better.

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