5 Ways AI Has Changed the Field of Cybersecurity

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5 Ways AI Has Changed the Field of Cybersecurity

The recent advent of artificial intelligence has definitely changed the realm of the online sphere. Art generation, and changing the way someone looks, are all ways that A.I. is used or fun. But that kind of technology has been put to good use, such as in the employment of cybersecurity, which has helped businesses to more effectively protect their data. So, what are some of the ways that A.I. has changed how the field of cybersecurity is navigated and how is it helping to protect against breaches?

Overall View of Cybersecurity

More and more businesses, especially those in and around Perth, have started considering cybersecurity a business risk and are implementing the right measures to combat this online form of terrorism. Fast detection and response times are important and have helped businesses to save millions of dollars every year. So how does A.I. fit into this?

1. Vulnerability Management

It can be difficult for a human to detect where the vulnerable areas of a security system are, so why not leave the hard work to an A.I.? They can act and react much more quickly than a human, detecting breaches as soon as they happen and taking the appropriate measures to ensure the systems are protected. A.I. can analyze suspicious patterns and boost network security so that these suspicious actions are thwarted before they can take root.

2. Handling Data

An artificial intelligence is also capable of monitoring transactional data within the business to ensure that it’s not involved in any suspicious activity. This data can be protected from potential threats, maintaining the business’ private information and documents.

3. Monitoring The Network and Security Measures

Instead of having a person sit at a desk all day, waiting for a breach to occur, A.I. can do the job for you. It can be trained and can learn over time about what security breaches look like so it knows what to look for in the future.

4. Detection Of Threats

Artificial intelligence can use behavioral analysis to identify when malicious activities are taking place in real-time. It can react to these threats immediately and respond accordingly to prevent the misappropriation of the business’ data.

5. Higher Security Over Time

Artificial intelligence is designed to get smarter over time and increase its measures so that it becomes more and more difficult for these breaches to happen. This forces hackers to employ more and more advanced methods of trying to hack a system, but it will take them much longer to develop a system that can outwit A.I.

There are some challenges associated with the implementation of A.I. in cybersecurity, such as being expensive, it’s not feasible for small businesses, and attackers can also use A.I. to defeat a cybersecurity system. However, businesses are increasingly focusing on developing A.I. technologies and funneling money into these systems to help better protect their data. With these new technologies, businesses and organizations can continue to effectively protect their network and systems.

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