7 Benefits of Having a Home Security Camera in Today’s World

HomeSecurity7 Benefits of Having a Home Security Camera in Today's World

7 Benefits of Having a Home Security Camera in Today’s World

Technology has changed so much over the last few decades. Earlier, if we were to step out of the house, we would probably ask our neighbours to keep an eye on the house. But now, we don’t have to do that. We can keep an eye on our house and its surroundings with the help of home security systems as well as security services.

Having a secure household is extremely important. At Eyeon Security we specialize in providing state of the art security systems for our residential and commercial clients. One way to ensure that your house is safe and secure is by installing a few CCTV cameras in and around your residence. But if you’re still wondering as to why you need a CCTV camera for home, allow us to highlight some benefits of having a home security camera in today’s day and age.

1. Deters Crimes

CCTV cameras are crime repellents. The only thing criminals these days are afraid of is being caught. And a CCTV camera does exactly that. It catches them committing a crime, for example, breaking and entering your house in an attempted robbery.

With an Active Defence Cam like the one offered by Airtel Xsafe with built-in spotlights and a siren or alarm, it is extremely easy to ensure the security of your home. So, it is safe to say that many crimes can be deterred by simply having cameras and fencing installed. Buying Cedar Fence Direct wholesale wood fence pickets will lower the overall costs if you’re installing your own security fence.

Whether its your own home or a property you manage, an instant way to add both security, equity value and even some curb appeal is a new fence. East Bay Wood – Bay Area Fence Company has proven that quality fencing can enhance all of these areas for home owners.

2. Records Evidence

The best thing about CCTV cameras is that they don’t just help you view your surroundings in real-time but also allow you to get recorded footage of these recent happenings. These days, such recording or CCTV footage can even be produced in courts as evidence. Some security cameras even allow you to download and share these clips in HD quality.

3. Monitors Suspicious Activities

With features like motion detection and motion sensitivity control, security cameras like the one offered by Airtel Xsafe allow you to monitor suspicious activities in and around your house. And even more so, now with powerful night vision cameras.

Heard some noise at night? Check the CCTV footage. Found something missing from your house? The CCTV feed might have recorded it. So, you can simply playback the video and watch out for any suspicious activities in your surroundings. For added security and peace of mind, consider investing in a sturdy fence installation, right here at F&W Fence Co. Inc.

4. Insurance Deductions

You might not think of saving money when investing in secure home solutions like the Airtel Xsafe. However, what you may have not realized is that CCTV cameras mean a more safe and secure household. So, when an insurance company is evaluating your policy, having a protected household might reduce your policy costs.

5. Remote Access to Your Home

This is one of the simplest, yet most important aspects of having a security camera, that you have access to your home even from a remote location. Moreover, with features like the “Two-way talk” offered by Airtel Xsafe, you can actually listen and talk to the person back home using your CCTV camera.

6. Helps to Keep Tabs

When you’re out of your house but still want to keep tabs on your house-help, kids or even pets, a CCTV camera for home could be the answer to all your questions. You can watch what your kids or pets are doing in real-time, you can check if your maid or babysitter is doing their job properly, and you can even talk to them directly through the camera.

7. Requires Little Maintenance

Just like the cameras offered by Airtel Xsafe with IP67, CCTV cameras and video surveillance installation these days are weather resistant. So, until and unless someone purposely damages your security camera you don’t have to do much to maintain them. This means you won’t be spending too much time or money to keep an eye on your house.

In fact, the monthly plan of Airtel Xsafe costs only Rs 99 per month while their annual plan costs Rs 999. Moreover, you also get the first month free while buying a new camera.

What are you waiting for? Get your house secured now!

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