How To Hack The Hackers from Our Daily Life?

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How To Hack The Hackers from Our Daily Life?

We are living in a world where the walls have senses, and your personal information could be leaked anytime, anywhere. Nowadays since the world has shrunk into Global village, privacy is close to none, no matter where you’re: scrolling social media or having a croissant in a nearby café.

Imagine your home being invaded by burglars, what would you do to protect and secure it? I’m sure you’d use all the possible resources to build a Castle around it. Apparently, you can’t do that in the digital world where even the burglars and hackers cannot be tracked and brought to justice.

Unless you are someone like Edward Snowden, your daily life could be hacked by hackers online. If you don’t raise your guard against hacks, then someone will breach into your devices and then in life, using it against you; leading to multiple consequences.

Don’t worry! We are here to protect. Let’s walk through some steps to hack the hackers out of your digital world.

Avoid Untrusted Public Wi-Fi

Whenever we hang out in a café or restaurant, the first thing we do is connect our devices to the available Wi-Fi; seems like a routine now, but do you know, beneath the surface, your device is being hacked.

Public Wi-Fi’s are usually not encrypted leading to hackers gaining access to your credentials. So don’t stay away from public networks, just use the secure VPN to mask your virtual identity and also kick all the scammers and hackers from your digital life.

Keep Your Operating System Up To Date

Don’t we ignore the ‘software update’ pop up? Why? Obviously, it takes time, but does this time more important than the data being stored on your device? No, the non-updated device is highly prone to hacks and scams than the updated one. It’s logical that updates are there to improve performance and security of your favorite screens, so better to upgrade then facing the invisible yet destructive snoopers. We recommend you to upgrade your OS before it downgrades your privacy and security.

Don’t Link Accounts

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other mainstream medium and/or app. The first thing an app or software is asking for an account and linking your existing accounts is the easiest practice that we do just to avoid the hassle of making a new account. But as per the tech-analysts, it’s incredibly unsafe to link accounts since it open doors to your information. If one account is hacked, means all other linked accounts are already hacked.

Don’t Click On Suspicious Links and Emails

The reason for having a ‘Spam’ folder in your Gmail or Outlook is to aware you that the particular email is not safe. Don’t challenge your instincts, If the website looks suspicious, simply don’t open the link or in case you’re on the page then close it instantly.

Use Different Passwords For Your Logins

Well, we all know the severance of having strong passwords, that’s why every authentic website asks you to use capital letters, block letters, numerical, etc. But, using the same password for different accounts is suicide especially when you have sensitive information lying in your accounts such as bank details.

It’s not easy to keep track of all the different passwords, but it’s a necessity in the fast-evolving cyber world. That’s why it said No Pain No Gain. Or, you can use a password manager in case you are bad at remembering something.

Random Answers To Your Security Questions

We tend to use such simple answers for our security questions since if you use iOS devices then once you forget your security question then your Apple ID will be blocked for sure. That is the reason people use simple answers to security questions.

What they don’t realize is if these answers are accessed by someone else than you’ll lose your account and the data within. If you need to answer ‘Mother’ for instance, then write Mommy, Mummy, Mum just to decrease the chances of being hacked.

We have recommended you to use a VPN to anonymize your digital presence, if you’re new to a word VPN, then here you go;

Browse The Web

When all fails, VPN resides to the only solution. VPNs security is thick as a Tank making your online activities and your identity preserved from unwanted hackers. The best VPN encrypts all of your online traffic making it impossible for hackers to bypass. Other than that, a VPN is hidden and seek of IP address, exciting right? A VPN hides your real IP address and allows you to seek the IP of the region you like to access the content from.

VPN is easy to use and will allow you to mask your virtual reality. However, If someone tries to track your IP address, they will be shown the fake IP address that you’ve chosen.

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