How Hoxhunt Can Bolster Your Company’s Defenses Against Malicious Emails

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How Hoxhunt Can Bolster Your Company’s Defenses Against Malicious Emails

Over the first half of 2018 alone, there was ​a 55 percent increase​ in Business Email Compromise​ ​(BEC) attacks compared to the previous six-month period. The number continues to grow, and BEC attacks carried out through phishing emails often manage to slip through company cyber defense systems simply because of human error.

This is why ​Hoxhunt‘s automated phishing and training response solution is becoming invaluable to businesses.

Thanks to its AI-enhanced, software-based, fully automated cyber training program, Hoxhunt offers a new approach to empowering your employees when it comes to protecting your business from phishing attacks.

By using machine learning to create individual learning experiences, the solution helps improve the security awareness of your employees by educating them to react and respond to these types of threats with maximum vigilance and accuracy.

Hoxhunt also adds gamification elements to reporting the simulated and real threats your company is facing, which provides an interesting take on motivating your employees to report every threat that they detect.

In this review, let’s take a look at how Hoxhunt can bolster your company’s defenses against malicious emails, and assess whether or not the solution is a good fit for you.

But first, what is Hoxhunt?

Hoxhunt is a cybersecurity software product that provides automated security awareness training through phishing attack simulations and shows users how attacks are carried out.

But instead of the traditional way of providing cybersecurity awareness training, through boring presentations and one-size-fits-all simulations, Hoxhunt uses artificial intelligence to tailor phishing education to individual users, on the fly, as they work. Hoxhunt’s system determines the right frequency and the appropriate simulations based on the responses it receives from each user.

This allows for individual education paths that expose learners to only the lessons that they need, making the learning process more relevant for you and your employees.

Plus, Hoxhunt helps you identify potentially dangerous email and phishing attacks with an enjoyable and gamified cybersecurity awareness training program, wherein your employees can compete with each other and get rewards for reporting attacks. You can also report suspicious-looking emails through Hoxhunt to ensure that your security department stays updated on cybersecurity threats.

Now that you have a better idea of what Hoxhunt is, let’s take a close look at its key features and functionalities that can improve your defenses against malicious emails.

1. Increase your employees’ awareness of cyber threats.

Your employees are among your greatest business assets, but without the right attitude towards cybersecurity and protecting your business, your staff can also be your weakest link.

For instance, if your employees aren’t mindful about opening emails and engaging with links from unknown sources, this raises the risks of malware infection and your data being breached. Although it’s important to have security measures such as ​encryption​ in place, increasing your employees’ awareness about cyber threats reduces the risks of phishing attacks succeeding because of human error.

Through Hoxhunt’s automated phishing training and response program, your employees will learn how to detect and report malicious emails. Using AI, the training program works by providing customized phishing simulation emails for your employees that are based on each user’s role and progression throughout the training.

Since Hoxhunt’s simulations continue to be more complex as the training progresses, the knowledge and awareness of your employees about effectively dealing with phishing scams will also grow and develop.

After all, if your staff are well-equipped in spotting cyber threats, you can consider your company’s protection against malicious emails to be strong.

2. Motivate your employees to report email scams

With so many potential phishing scams that could flood your and your employees’ inboxes, sorting through each one and​ ​reporting them can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task.

If you want to make email scam detection and reporting more effective for your employees, and in turn, increase your protection, you’ll need to add a little incentive for their hard work. Hoxhunt can help you make this possible through its gamified phishing training platform.

The feature works by using AI to send individual and custom phishing simulations to your staff automatically. When your employees report the threats they spotted, they get rewards in the form of points.

This makes cybersecurity training a lot more engaging and fun for your employees compared to the traditional methods. Your employees can keep track of their earned points and compare their progress to other users on the Hoxhunt leaderboard.

Gamifying phishing email reporting through Hoxhunt is only one method of motivating your employees, but it can be an effective way to get them interested in cybersecurity. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the threats your business is facing in a less tedious way.

3. Equip your team with the tools and functionalities against phishing scams.

Considering how sophisticated cybercriminals are now, protecting your company against phishing scams requires more than the traditional methods. With Hoxhunt’s real-time response and analytics, you can gain visibility on the real attacks that your company is facing.

The platform’s reporting plug-in, for instance, allows your employees to report real threats with just one click, making it easier to document cybersecurity incidents and the reporting process more efficient.

Along with the security awareness training, Hoxhunt’s real-time response and analytics help your employees prioritize and react to actual threats faster. Plus, the platform automatically identifies attacks and escalates the ones that need your immediate attention, allowing you to make the most of timely responses from your employees.

Additionally, Hoxhunt has a global network that spans thousands of users all over the world, which helps the company to recognize threats quickly, as people are constantly reporting the latest attacks to the platform.

These features help equip your employees, turning them into more effective front liners in protecting your data, customers and assets from phishing scams.

Final Thoughts

Hoxhunt combines dynamic, individualized, on-the-fly security awareness training with gamification elements, allowing for better knowledge acquisition so your employees can get better at reporting malicious email attacks.

With Hoxhunt’s approach, your employees get to experience customized learning simulations, which improves their knowledge and equips them to deal with real-life threats, which, ultimately, increases your protection against phishing email attacks.

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