How to Detect and Remove a Keylogger from a Smartphone

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How to Detect and Remove a Keylogger from a Smartphone

The appearance of mobile phones, laptops, and the Internet has made our life easier, but at the same time, it incurs great danger to our private data. Nowadays, everyone can become a victim of hackers. There is no surefire way to remove this risk because it is impossible to predict what target they have. Innovative and modern devices serve the role of storing our passwords, codes, different forms of media, and network activity.

All these things can be subjected to a great risk of theft. Although operating systems were created with excellent security, hackers find vulnerabilities and ways to get around these security mechanisms. Hackers employ various methods to get into someone’s private space. One of the most popular of them is a keylogger.

Many spying devices provide this special free keylogger for Android, which enables tracking keystrokes. This way, hackers can steal your credentials and passwords to take advantage of them. But it does not mean that you should put your hands down. There are many ways to prevent any suspicious activity on your phone and counteract it. Examine all effective methods and stop worrying about your security.

Signs of Keylogger of Your Phone

First, you should detect the keylogger on your device to take all necessary measures to remove it.

1. Slow Internet Speed

You may notice that your browser became slower. Switching between tap pages and text entering may take longer than usual.

2. Lags in Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks

There can also be a missing cursor.

3. Network Errors

They may occur for no specific reason.

4. Unknown Icons of Some Applications

If keylogger software is installed on your phone, it cannot exist without any trace. So, examine all programs carefully on the system tray to detect something strange.

5. Disruptions of Antivirus Functions

Keylogger may turn off your security software to take over your device.

Knowing these warnings, you can easily stumble on unusual signs, which will help detect keyloggers on your device unmistakable. Usually, it will be hard to mix these signs with common internet problems or mouse malfunction. But anyway, it is better to rule out all these possibilities before making quick conclusions about keylogger availability. To make everything clear, you can ask a knowledgeable person about it.

Options to Get Rid of Keylogger on Your Phone

So, if you are sure that your phone is infected with a keylogger, the next step is to remove it.

1. Avail of Antivirus Software

It is the most affordable and accessible way to delete unknown software from your phone.

2. Get Rid of Temporary Files

Keyloggers can be hidden inside them, so take your time to analyze all system files on your device.

3. Reinstall the Operating System

But when resetting your personal computer, save some valuable and important files.

4. Dispose of the Programs with a Keylogger

You can click on the control panel and choose Programs and features if you already know where the keylogger is. Then you should select one particular program to uninstall it. This method is the easiest of all mentioned above.


Nowadays, cybercrime reached its highest seriousness. More and more people are struggling with keeping their private data safe because the risks of its leakage remain high. Unfortunately, not only experienced hackers can install a keylogger on someone’s phone, but even ordinary people get into someone’s private space by using the keylogger feature. Everyone can encounter this trouble, so we should be ready for any possible outcome. We should be knowledgeable and sensible when it comes to our safety and security. It may happen out of the blue without even not suspecting any illegal actions on your phone.

For this reason, you should always be prepared to counteract this attack on your device. Removing the keylogger will not be insurmountable trouble for you if you read this article till the end. Now you are armed with the most effective methods to fight someone’s illegal and fraudulent intentions. You can use some of them simultaneously to decrease the chance of data theft. This guide will help you form an opinion about how keylogger works and learn how to detect it unmistakably. Using options to remove the keylogger, you will forever forget the fear of data leakage. So, you can install antivirus software and get rid of any suspicious programs on your device. Check out RealSpyApps to learn new information on this topic. All these methods will help you detect unusual activity on your device and get rid of it effortlessly. So, don’t neglect these methods and pieces of advice if you want to protect your private life on the Internet. Stay safe and secure!

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