How to Save Your Family and Home from Hacking?

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How to Save Your Family and Home from Hacking?

Even as the human race progresses towards an era where everything is done through the Internet, with users of smart home devices seeing a rise, it doesn’t eliminate the vulnerabilities that we are exposed to. Sure, technology is making lives easier by transferring money for us, doing our banking for us, and many other activities.

However, we haven’t been able to keep ourselves safe from the risks that come with engaging online or even using the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything traditional now has a new spin of technology, starting from refrigerators to virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. However, exciting can spell doom for you and your family if not taken care of.

Why The Need to Secure Your Home Against Hacking?

With the daily news that revolves around hacking, data identify thefts, and scams, is there any doubt why you should protect yourself while using smart home devices or simply making a transaction online? While you may think that you don’t have any data or cannot be robbed, think again. Many think the same way before falling prey to a hacker.

Remember, you do have passwords, and other sensitive information that you think may not be of any significance to the hacker, but you never know! So, my advice is to stay prepared and don’t let a hacker cause you and your family distress.

And how to secure your home? Just by following these simple steps:

  • Take Immediate Action: Many times, people fail to take timely action that might result in a helpless situation. A bank or store you deal with became a victim of hacking? Act fast… get your current credit account card inactivated fast and requested immediately for a brand new one.
  • Opt for Smart Home Devices with Strong Security Systems: Although products with a big name will likely have stronger security systems, the unfamiliar brands should be checked thoroughly before purchase. Make your family familiar with them as well as they are the ones who would be using it. Make sure to have a security camera system installation and alarms installed for stronger security.
  • Keep Changing Passwords from Time to Time: While I understand it might be tedious to remember so many passwords and keep changing them often, it is good to do it. Also, do take care to create strong passwords. A recent study on passwords set by online users, flimsy passwords like successive numbers 123…, made it to the top. This itself is so alarming. So instead, create a strong password and be safe. If you have trouble remembering them, get a password manager to take care of that. TADA!! Problem solved!
  • Stay Aware of Phishing: Remember that banks won’t ask you to confirm your password or pin through emails or phones! If you come across any such emails from unknown senders, you would do better not to reply to such emails.
  • Keep Track of The Notifications: You need to have the upper hand on all our online accounts that are just as vulnerable. Make your family understand its seriousness.
  • Do not procrastinate when it comes to a system update: There is a reason why tech companies suggest system updates. Let me remind you, it keeps you SAFE. Every time there is an update, it becomes difficult for hackers to access a new system. So, when you get a notification to update your system, don’t resort to being lazy.
  • Make use of the two-factor authentication feature: With this feature already at your service, why not use it? When you set this up, you reduce the chances of getting hacked. The hacker may have your username and password yet not login into it! Now, how cool is that!!

While these are only some mindful steps you can take to keep your family out of harm’s way, staying informed about what’s happening is the key to everything! So, keep learning more and more by following our tidbits!

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