10 Ways to Improve On-Site Security of Self-Storage Units

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10 Ways to Improve On-Site Security of Self-Storage Units

Many people nowadays rely on self-storage facilities after decluttering the house and finding plenty of unused objects claiming the much-needed space. These units allow homeowners to prevent throwing away items of emotional value and several bittersweet memories attached to them. What if these items get lost/stolen while stored inside a storage facility? Whether you’re the owner or merely renting storage space, improving a unit’s on-site security must be a priority. Those who need commercial storage units may find out here the services you should be looking for.

So, here we’ll discuss some methods to ensure your belongings are safe against theft, arson, or vandalism in the storage facility. With proper planning and installing a suitable mechanism such as shutters from Shutters WA, your rented space will become seemingly unbreakable. Let’s begin the countdown, shall we?

How to Make Your Unit More Secure?

1. Gates (obviously)

This one’s a no-brainer as gates constitute the preliminary security measures taken by owners and tenants to secure the storage facility. Ensure that these gates don’t prevent you from entering the office from where you can keep an eye on anyone who attempts to go inside the premises. If you have steel doors in your main entrance, having them inspected or repaired by commercial steel door repair specialists can also help maintain or improve the security of your premises.

2. Perimeter Fencing

Fencing prevents strangers from trespassing into your property, thereby improving the on-site security of the self-storage unit. It’ll ensure that most of your property is safe from criminals. There are decorative fencing options available that provide aesthetics along with enhanced security. Contact a Commercial Fencing Contractor such as Timber Ridge Fence Company for more information about decorative fencing.

3. Buy a Lock

Some storage facilities expect you to bring your locks. These quality locks are available in various shapes and sizes to ensure that only you have access to your storage unit. It would help if you also got an access control self-storage keypad to control the facility virtually from anywhere. The remote capabilities of these futuristic gadgets offer you enhanced security features. That’s why keypads are essential for on-site security.

4. Check the Hood

Is your facility located in a high-crime area? Renting a self-storage unit in an ill-reputed neighborhood isn’t a smart idea. There are many services online that can show you a particular region’s crime rate. So, conduct impeccable research before getting yourself involved with shady people. Avoid renting a storage unit at a location that has some problematic criminal history. That’s how you can steer clear of criminals and potentially enhance the on-site security of your belongings stored there.

5. Video Surveillance

Monitoring the storage facility twenty-four hours will ensure your belongings are well-protected from plunderers. So, it’s essential – while looking for a self-storage unit to rent – to find one with 24/7 video surveillance. The video stored is transmitted and preserved, so it can’t be accessible by thieves/robbers. Ensure that high-quality cameras are placed strategically at the entrance and along driveways. Don’t let anyone enter the facility or unidentified – worse – undetected.

6. Get Some Insurance

A self-storage facility must provide proper insurance to its customers for improved security. On the other hand, tenants mustn’t neglect to get their valuables insured in case of loss/theft. Ensure that the homeowner’s insurance doesn’t merely cover your off-site belongings. Don’t allow a security breach to inflict some permanent damage to your property. So, purchase on-site insurance. Read the insurance policy carefully before buying it, and watch out for any sneaky loopholes in there.

7. Manager On-Site

Hiring managers to guard the storage facility on-site 24/7 seems like a cost-effective method to keep criminals away from your valuables. It ensures that there’s someone present on the premises who can prevent accidents effectively. This person will keep an eye on individuals (delivery people) who enter the premises, thereby ensuring that nobody suspicious makes it inside your unit. If the owner offers residential arrangements on-site, the security guard’s job will become easier.

8. Make an inventory

Develop some organizational skills to help you identify if you’ve lost an item stored inside a self-storage facility. When homeowners switch houses, we recommend they make a list of everything the movers are transporting. It allows them to ensure that the moving company hasn’t lost anything during the journey after unloading their belongings. Creating an inventory keeps all your affairs in order and permits you to figure out what’s missing. So, we’ll suggest you do the same here too.

Don’t just list the items you have stored in your storage space; take pictures of stuff. It’ll later serve as evidence if your items got lost/damaged. Similarly, if you wish to file an insurance claim after a robbery, you’ll need some proof to show the value of the things you’ve lost after that event.

9. Ample lighting

Lightening enhances visibility and makes the detection of criminals convenient. Whether you’re the owner or a tenant, ensure ample lighting available on-site twenty hours every day. Also, look for faulty switches or broken LEDs that need replacing/reinstalling for better visibility. It would be best if you placed bulbs prominently to brighten every nook and cranny inside the premises. Moreover, invest in motion detectors that will reinstate the benefit of ample lighting for the self-storage facility.

10. Environmental safety

Did you think that thieves/robbers are the only threat to your valuables? Make sure that the unit is sealed and secured to prevent damage from a moist/humid environment. So, it makes sense for you to choose a climate-controlled facility. It’ll ascertain that weather conditions don’t affect your items stored inside the unit since these valuables are vulnerable to fire, rust, and other elements. Thus, if you see mildew/asbestos affecting your furniture, it’s time to choose another self-storage unit.

Here is an additional info on how you can Protect your valuables:https://tweakyourbiz.com/business/security/protect-your-office-valuables-with-these-simple-tips


The self-storage industry constitutes a growing market in the United States. Statistics show that there were over 47,000 storage facilities in the country two years ago, and these numbers are growing. However, it would help if you exercise caution while storing your belongings in these facilities. For starters, don’t keep your valuables – such as jewelry, electronics, or essential documents – inside a self-storage unit. Secondly, invest in proper instruments to solidify the security of your goods. Get your stored objects insured and obtain only a climate-controlled unit. Also, get yourself some padlocks, keypads, and security mechanisms to make the unit burglar-proof.

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