Invest in New Cybersecurity Tech to Avoid Security Vulnerabilities

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Invest in New Cybersecurity Tech to Avoid Security Vulnerabilities

There were more than 4.5 million identity theft and fraud cases as per the report of the federal trade commission in 2020. That is 45% more than what was in 2019.

  • Every day, nearly 30,000 websites are hacked.
  • Nearly after every 40 seconds, a cyber-attack happens.

What do above-given facts imply? That the number of cyber-attacks has increased in the last few years. Not that they did not impact before, but the magnitude of effects is much more now.

Although businesses are integrating cybersecurity options into their business models, there is a need to adopt the latest technologies. Why? Find out more!

The targets of the hackers are changing – What are the prime targets of the hackers? To earn money and take out the confidential details. There is more to it. All the critical services, such as medical devices, Smart TVs or commercial planes are connected with a network. These networks can easily become targets of hackers. So, one needs to have access to modern technologies to safeguard their business from new world cyber attackers.

The shift in the nature of these attacks – Suppose somebody has hacked any public utility infrastructure? What will happen? Financial and reputational damage, penalties, and massive expenses in fixing the operations and measures. This can impact not only the individuals but also the global economy as a whole.

Now that you know the reasons, let’s find out about the latest technologies you can invest in to shield your business.

Encryption management technology – Encryption management technology provides complete data protection to the organization by encrypting the keys with complicated algorithms. For instance – According to Option3Ventures, this technology provides you with easy integration into any network infrastructure. It is fully interoperable. It is a great catch because of its scalability and visibility.

Artificial intelligence – Have you ever imagined in your wildest dreams that machines could have a mind of their own? Well, with the advent of artificial intelligence, it has become possible now. It is used in major industries, including finance, IT, and health care. Let us explain this with an example. In the finance industry, AI is used to detect unwanted activities in finance and banking. For instance – large account deposits or misuse of debit cards. These are the activities that lead to fraud in banks. And AI protects you from these malicious activities.

It is pretty evident that artificial intelligence can ideally solve every problem associated with security issues. It automatically detects threats and solves them. It is designed to work using real-time data.

The above-mentioned technologies will help you in safeguarding your company against attacks.

To sum it all up

Believe it or not, there is a dire need for Cybersecurity Solutions these days with the rising number of cyberattacks. You don’t want your business to suffer from any cyber threat or loss. Obviously, nobody wants that. Therefore, to save your organization from it, let your organization implement the latest technologies and see the difference!

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