Is There Any Website Which Gives Temporary New Numbers for an OTP Verification?

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Is There Any Website Which Gives Temporary New Numbers for an OTP Verification?

The OTP verification is commonly used to verify the identity of the person who has made a particular transaction. In some cases, it’s also utilized to confirm the sender’s identity of an email as well as for any other purpose where you need to ensure that it’s not anybody else but yourself who is making this transaction or sending this message.

It can be an alternative to using your mobile number while signing up on various sites and services. The method involves getting a temporary number from a third-party provider, where you can use while signing up on these websites/services. The advantage here is that when you sign up with such a service provider, you will get unlimited access to virtual numbers. You can use it anytime by changing the PIN (usually six digits). There are many big names in this business-like Google Voice, Skype etcetera but smaller ones provide similar features at much lower prices than what Google charges for theirs.

How to Verify OTP Using Temporary Numbers

Most consumers use OTP (One Time Password) every day, but when it comes to verifying, they have problems with that. For example, you may have a banking account and want to verify your OTPs, which you got from the bank on WhatsApp. You can’t do this because WhatsApp does not support third-party applications like Google Voice or Skype.

Get a temporary number for OTP verification

Some of these websites are free to use and are all secure and safe. They are reliable, fast, easy to use, and easy to find. Just register with any of them in one minute and get a temporary phone number within 1-2 minutes after.

With the Help of These Disposable Number Websites, You Can Verify Your OTP without Revealing Your Personal Mobile Number

You can use these disposable number websites to verify your OTP without revealing your personal mobile number. These websites are free to use and are safe. They also provide a solid level of trustworthiness and ease of use.

These disposable number of websites are available on the Internet in different languages, so it is not difficult for anybody to understand how they work precisely. It will also help them understand the concept of these services better so that they can use them effectively when needed by their family members or friends who are from other states or countries where online transactions are not familiar yet but still need someone’s help in completing some essential tasks like verifying an OTP etc.,

  • — Freeje provides users disposable SMS numbers that can be used for verification. This will make it possible for you to get brief verification messages and OTP from services such as banks, messengers, social networks, online platforms, and so on on the number corresponding to the country or region you have selected.
  • 7Sim — It is a free website that offers free virtual numbers and has a reach encompassing more than 20 countries. Additionally, it provides excellent flexibility to its customers, encouraging them to utilize the website regularly. The users also benefit quite a bit from the security, which typically includes a variety of alerts and messages for the users. The security is usually highly user-friendly.
  • FreeOnlinePhone.Org — If you want to receive text messages online, FreeOnlinePhone.Org is one of the best options that you have available to pick from. It offers a free SMS service in over 228 countries worldwide and allows you to send and receive messages without charge. Additionally, customer assistance is accessible whenever you need it because it is available around the clock. You can choose to receive your SMS at any phone number listed on the site by selecting that number.
  • SMS Man — SMS-Man is a company that provides temporary phone numbers to its customers. It includes phone numbers from various nations, including Germany, England, China, the USA, and others. Over three hundred locations and one thousand of the most popular services are available for activation through the website. This service can be used for free or for a fee, updated daily with new phone numbers.You can use any of these virtual numbers to create accounts on Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other services without going through the required SMS verification. Right after the purchase, the number will be unique and cannot be used by anyone else. You may need to try a few different numbers before you find one that works for your service. However, this is not a problem because the balance is only deducted after you receive an SMS, or you can use free numbers. Sometimes, numbers may not work correctly, and you may need to try a few different numbers before you find one that works.
  • — Hs3x is a website that allows users to receive SMS messages online, primarily concentrating on United States phone numbers. They offer a diverse range of United States phone numbers for customers. The process is, in all honesty, not much more complicated than any of the other services described in this article. You can directly view a list of categorized United States Numbers on the website’s homepage. Choose any one of these at random, and we’ll go on. You can finish the process by entering the number you obtained on the website or app where you intended to perform the Mobile Number verification. The United States is the primary nation that constitutes the bulk of its expertise.
  • — FreePhoneNum is a simple yet powerful website with a collection of 87 numbers from more than five different countries. You could be using this number to sign up or the registration process on several websites, apps, and services all around the Internet. As of now, this website has 26 Numbers for the US, 16 for the UK, 10 for Canada, four for Belgium, and 1 for Puerto Rico. Their team is working hard to add new numbers in every update, and soon there will be a collection of more than 100+ numbers on the list.
  • — is yet another intriguing service that allows users to receive SMS messages online without having to sign up for an account or register. A vast number of websites, including discussion forums and other content, require your email address for you to move further and participate in group discussions and other features of a similar nature. When things go wrong like this, this website is a great resource. The user interface is easy to use, and everything else is uncomplicated. A few numbers will be displayed to you in a list format on the website’s homepage. After making your selection based on the location from where you require the OTP, you will then need to continue with the verification process using the OTP.
  • — The following website on our list to receive SMS messages online is You will note that the website has a very similar layout to this one, except for the color scheme, if you visit their website. The reason for this is that they are both produced by the same firm, which is called Cicklow. This website offers eight different phone lines for receiving text messages online, six in the United States and two in the United Kingdom.
  • Sellaite — This is yet another well-known website in the industry, and it offers a wide variety of services in one convenient location. You’ll see that the features are pretty straightforward, but you’ll also discover that they can be quite helpful in certain situations. A single user can switch to another number within a few minutes and with minimal effort. You can also integrate your virtual number and email to get notifications and messages by email instead of your virtual number.


As you can see, many websites offer OTP verifications. They do not require any personal information and hence, are very secure. You can use these numbers to verify any transaction anytime you want without revealing your personal number. In addition, these numbers are only valid for a certain period, after which they expire automatically without any notice from the site admin or user.

Freeje, on the other hand, is one of the most reliable virtual numbers service providers available in the market today. To get one, visit the website and contact our Tech Specialists if you need more than a temporary number.

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