The EnemyBot Malware Now Includes Exploits for Important VMware and F5 BIG-IP Vulnerabilities

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The EnemyBot Malware Now Includes Exploits for Important VMware and F5 BIG-IP Vulnerabilities

EnemyBot, a botnet made up of code from a variety of viruses, is rapidly increasing its reach by adding exploits for recently discovered serious vulnerabilities in web servers, content management systems, IoT, and Android devices.

The botnet was first detected in March by Securonix researchers, and by April, when Fortinet released an analysis of fresh samples, EnemyBot had already integrated weaknesses for over a dozen processor architectures.

Its primary goal is to perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults, but it also includes modules that scan for and infect new target devices.

According to a new analysis from AT&T Alien Labs, the latest EnemyBot variants have exploits for 24 vulnerabilities. The majority of them are critical, but a few don’t even have a CVE number, making it more difficult for defenders to create defenses.

RSHELL, which is used to construct a reverse shell on the infected system, stands out in the list of allowed commands by newer versions of the malware. This allows the threat actor to go through the firewall and gain access to the infected system.

All of the instructions from the previous edition are still available, giving you a wide range of options for dealing with DDoS attacks.

All of the instructions from the previous edition are still available, giving you a wide range of options for dealing with DDoS attacks.

With the development of the cloud computing environment, modern enterprises have shown a strong dependence on computer technology. To keep up with this trend, VMware users have increased their requirements for availability, business continuity, security, and the cost of operating and maintaining computer systems.

First, we need to know the big new challenges VMware users are facing:

1. Massive Backup Storage Rate

For example, the backup size of 100 virtual machines with 50 GB of data is 5 TB per day. We assume that each backup will be kept in the system for one week, a total of 35TB of storage is required for a 7-day backup.

2. Backup Windows and Limited Broadband Resources

Modern data centers typically deploy gigabit-grade networks for smooth compute operations and to back up large amounts of business-critical data, which requires sufficient backup windows. Even with the help of 10 gigabit network bandwidth, a full backup still takes a long time. And keep in mind that doing this, normal business operations can be severely impacted due to busy network resources.

3. SLA Requirements Improved

For some specific industries such as finance, government, telecommunications and others, shorter data recovery times are generally required, otherwise harmful financial losses will result.

4. Reasonable Maintenance Costs

Adding virtual machines and migrating data, adjusting backup strategies, installing additional plugins, scheduled administration, and more, all invisibly increase a company’s IT maintenance costs. a set of advanced and efficient cloud data backup and recovery features, including agentless VM backup, LANFree data transfer, instant recovery, BitDetector (deep data mining), cross-platform data migration and recovery, intuitive system management, and more, to flexibly adapt to the rapid changes of today’s cloud computing environment, ensuring the security of data centers whether.

Vinchin Solutions

1. Cost-effective VMware Backup

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, VMware environments can be backed up easily without installing additional agents inside each virtual machine, reducing users’ daily O&M costs by 10 or even 100 times. It solves costly management and software compatibility issues in traditional agent-based backup scenarios, especially where virtual environments are critical.

2. Free Data Transmission Over LAN is Easy

Vinchin Backup & Recovery does more than LAN-based backup, but also supports LANFree data transfer backup (storage network transfer), separate backup network backup, and backup over access network. Direct access to NAS storage to reduce consumption of network resources during VMware backup and improve redundancy efficiency.

3. In-depth data extraction

Vinchin innovatively develops patented BitDetector technology for deep data mining. When CBT (Changed Block Tracking) is unusable or the virtual disk has been preallocated/fully allocated, Vinchin BitDetector can work to dig into the file system to rule out swap file blocks. deleted file blocks and partition space, so only valuable data can be saved in the backup store, saving backup storage space.

4. Instant Virtual Machine Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides instant vmware data recovery to recover damaged VMware VMs in 15 seconds without compromising the integrity of the original backups. It minimizes business downtime due to disaster or system failure and ensures the safety of original backup data.

5. Easy Cross-Platform Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports migrating virtual machine backups from VMware to 9 different virtual platforms including XenServer, oVirt/RedHat Virtualization, OpenStack and several other KVM-based hypervisors. It works to convert the original VM data into a new format required by the target virtual platform and transfer the backups to the new platform.

6. Web-based Visualization Interface + Management

Vinchin Backup & Recovery displays system-related data in the form of graphs and allows users to quickly view the operating status of the system through the large beautifully designed screen. And by using a single web-based control panel, users can easily manage the entire backup environment, simplifying IT administration to save more time and effort.

Equipped with the same flexibility as the modern era of cloud computing, VMware backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions offered by Vinchin Backup & Recovery can not only ensure data safety and reliably comply with the law, but also reduce operating and maintenance costs with a hands-on approach, giving VMware users more confidence to build the best vmware backup solutions.

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