The Significance of Backing Up Your Business Files and Data

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The Significance of Backing Up Your Business Files and Data

Living at a rapid pace nowadays means that businesses are shifting their processes on an upper scale.

Most companies do things very differently than they did before the digital revolution, including the way they store their data.

These days, most businesses store their data and files digitally, providing them with many benefits such as increased support, higher efficiency, and greater ease.

Yet, it is also vital for businesses to ensure that they make backup copies of their digital data for protection and security, which involves finding appropriate backup and archive solutions.

Some companies underestimate the effect of a secure backup but imagine what would happen if you lost data from central systems or had to access files from the past, that you did not already have in your current plans.

For this purpose, let’s look at the importance of backing up your business files and data.

Why This Is So Crucial

Your data is your responsibility. There are multiple reasons why backing up your business files and information is so important, and you want to make sure you are practicing a reliable method such as cloud backup.

It has shifted as a dominant choice for businesses as it offers a massive range of benefits and ease of mind when it comes to data and file security.

Some of the reasons you should do this to ensure that your files and data are securely protected with this type of solution are:

Cybercrime Protection

One thing that all businesses care about these days is the impact of cybercrime on the industry.

When malicious attacks occur, they can cause data loss or no access due to attacks such as ransomware.

While digital technology benefits companies in every way, it also puts them at risk of this type of crime, costing them a fortune and causing all sorts of destruction.

In spite of that, having a clean backup in the cloud can aid businesses preventing such attacks or minimizing its impact.

Accidental Deletion of Damage of Files

Accidents can occur at work, including accidental damage or deletion of files and data from on-site systems by employees.

It can also occur due to technical problems but can cause massive issues anyway.

Possessing a clean backup indicates that the affected files and data can be restored quickly.

Equipment and Services Issues

If you have issues with equipment and services on-site, it can limit access and availability to your files and data.

It can then result in downtime and business operations being stopped until the issue is resolved. When you have a backup of data and files, you can still access them, no matter what problems you have with the equipment and services on site.

These are just some of the reasons why backing up your business data and files is so important.

Numerous businesses across the globe are operating on various software to ease their working processes. But most of them are not aware, that crucial data can be gone forever if you are a victim of a cybercrime attack, a disgruntled employee, or an accidental deletion occurs.

One of the most operated programs globally is Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is accessible practically all the time, thanks to Microsoft‘s 99.9% operating record.

Still, the only aspect that Office 365 is hesitant about is providing a way to backup your crucial Office 365 data, i.e., to recover from unexpected data loss.

The data retention capabilities contributed by Microsoft are not feasible solutions for all data loss scenarios because they are so minimal.

Why Should You Back Up Your Microsoft Office 365 Data?

Microsoft Office 365, like all other software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, applies a shared responsibility model, which implies that Microsoft is fully responsible for Office 365‘s global infrastructure and 24/7/365 availability. Data classification and accountability are the responsibility of customers.

While Microsoft minds about physical security under their data centers, data accountability is a customer’s obligation. Customers need to make sure they have a Disaster Recovery Plan to overcome any data loss especially during Exchange Mailbox Migration and Microsoft SharePoint Migration etc.

Microsoft itself explicitly recommends that users make a backup copy of all Office 365. It is adamantly stated in section 6.b of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

Not all Office 365 backup solutions offered in the market today are equal. The Office 365 backup solution you are striving for must:

  • Avoid Office 365 data loss;
  • Back up Office 365 automatically;
  • Have a reasonable subscription price;
  • Be scalable;
  • Be hassle-free with unlimited storage;
  • Secure your critical data;
  • Produce a disaster recovery;
  • Possess a lightning-fast 24/7 Support.

Altaro is offering all of this (and even more). Its regular users state that Altaro Office 365 backup is the convenient Office 365 Backup Solution. They resolutely recommend it since it meets all customers’ backup requirements.

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