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Applications for scheduling security guards should be dependable, meet regulatory needs, and safeguard your money. To be effective, a security guard scheduling system must be a component of a complete security guard scheduling, payroll, and billing system. Finally, both your security guard company and your staff must find it simple to utilize your officer scheduling tool.

To offer a one-stop shop for all your security officer company needs, THERMS has a well-established scheduling system with a security guard app.

Your security officers’ scheduling, payment, and invoicing get increasingly complicated as your guard firm expands. Additionally, there is too much space for mistakes when paying full-time personnel to manage employee turnover and no-show-no-call issues, on top of all the payroll, invoicing, and guard schedule adjustments.

Paying the staff required to manage such a thing rapidly reaches a threshold where it is no longer cost-effective, even without human mistakes.

Successful time and labor management are essential for your security officer business. Security companies like prioritizes time management to ensure they provide top security to their clients. In addition, the proper software and scheduling system for security officers are required to ensure that nothing is at risk.

For more information on the advantages of scheduling software for security guards, keep reading.

Saving Time

Security guard scheduling software eliminates manual procedures, significantly speeding up activities because scheduling is at the center of operations, and most other duties revolve around it. As a result, what formerly required hours now takes minutes.

Offers Insights

The scheduling of your guards is easier with the help of security guard scheduling software, which offers rich and insightful data. This guarantees ongoing service enhancements.

Because the programme provides a clear picture of how clients are spending their money, reporting to them is improved.

Allow for Adaptability

Employees with access may work from any location on any device when shift scheduling in the security sector is done via the cloud.

As long as they have a device and an internet connection, personnel and management will have more freedom because they can use the programme from anywhere.

Keep Up a Good Reputation

Because security guard scheduling software removes human mistakes and aids in reporting to customers, it ensures dependability and customer happiness.

Businesses in the security sector have an advantage over their rivals because they use software rather than Excel spreadsheets.

24/7 Access to Projects, Team Communication, and Scheduling

Make it simple for your security personnel to access their duties, calendars, and team communications. For example, staff members can easily view their schedules, change shifts, make task lists, and clock in remotely using our GPS time clock app, thanks to the THERMS smartphone app.

  • With the smartphone app, security personnel can clock in and out swiftly.
  • Allowing security personnel to switch shifts with the appropriate team members will increase efficiency.
  • To simplify communication, send notifications to your team or one employee.
  • To save time on administration, ensure all your contacts, timetables and timesheets are kept in one location.

Manage Last-Minute Adjustments and View Real-Time Attendance

By letting you know where and when employees check in for their shifts and alerting you if any are late or ill, Deputy’s time and attendance software help you save time on administrative tasks.

  • It makes shift switching for your security staff simple.
  • Whenever a security guard has to be changed, get notifications.
  • To fill a last-minute shift, use the Deputy smartphone app to get in touch with security guards.
  • Pre-shift health checks that verify staff members are free of symptoms before going to work can safeguard your company.


Every business wants to lower costs. Due to the automation of routine security activities made possible by security guard scheduling software, the entire process is now more efficient and time-efficient.

Software for scheduling security guards from THERMS can save costs and save time. Additionally, it gives freedom to management and staff and improves the effectiveness of security guard duties.

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