10 Things You Can Do in Instagram. Aside from Uploading Photos

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10 Things You Can Do in Instagram. Aside from Uploading Photos

Everyone knows it. Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms in the planet. In Instagram you can find nearly all kind of photos starting from excessive selfies to the last actions of your favorite footballers.

Since acquired by Facebook back in 2012 the Instagram community have been growing up rapidly. Some new features have also been added to keep it fun and unboring. You can now use Instagram not just for uploading photos but also share your current activities through Instagram Story. You can even make a live broadcast in Instagram.

You might haven’t known but, there are more interesting things you can do in Instagram aside from uploading photos and posting Instagram Story.

1. Save the live video

Like I said earlier, there are more things you can do in Instagram apart from uploading photos. One of the things you can do in Instagram is broadcasting a live video. Once you done with your live video, Instagram will be deleting it without giving a chance to re-watch. But now, the rule is not applied anymore. Instagram now lets you to save your live video. Right after your live video ends, you will see a download icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Download your favorite photos and videos

Instagram is very protective over the photos and videos you have uploaded. No one is allowed to download both photo and video. Even if you open a certain photo in web browser, there no “Save image as” option when you right click on it.

If you insist want to download a certain photo or video on Instagram, there some tools that you can use. One of the recommended tools is Downloader for Instagram (Android). Basically, you can download an Instagram photo from web browser but it’s a bit tricky.

  • Open a photo you want to download and press the ctrl+u button (Google Chrome and Firefox) to view the page source.
  • On the page source page, press the ctrl+f button and type “jpg” on the appearing search bar. Highlight the full URL of the first “jpg” term you see and open in a new tab.

  • Now you can get what you want.

3. See photos you have liked

There are so many photos come and go in your Instagram feed. There is a big chance that you will give your “love” to the ones that really impress you. Did you ever wondered is there any way to see the photos you have liked? Yes, there is.

  • Just go to Options and tap on the Posts You’ve Liked link.

4. Remove tags from other’s photos

Instagram allows you to tag someone in a photo. While most people love it because they can interact with their friends, there are some who find it useless and annoying. If you get annoyed of the photos you are tagged in, just remove your self from the photo and stay cool.

  • Open the photo you are tagged in and tap the three-dot icon. Select Post Options.
  • Tap on the Remove Tag option.

5. Get notifications from people you follow

Did you know that Instagram has changed its algorithm? Your feed is no longer based on the latest posts. Instead, your feed is now based on your activities. If you don’t want to miss any photo from a certain account you care the most, you can turn on the notification to let Instagram notify you every time the account post a new photo or video.

  • Open the profile of your preferred account and tap the three-dot button. Select Turn On Post Notifications.

6. See your top 9 photos within a year

Instagram has no built-in feature to allow you checking which photos are impressing your friends the most. But, you can check which photos that gain more likes using a third party tool. One of the examples is 2016bestnine.com (Or 2015bestnine.com if you want to check your popular photos during 2015). The tool enables you to see the top 9 of the Instagram photos you have uploaded within a year based on number of likes.

7. See your friends activities

You might haven’t known this but Instagram actually lets you to find out your friends activities. The activities you can track on Instagram including comment, like and follow. This feature is helpful to keep an eye of people you care about.

  • Tap on the love icon tab again on the FOLLOWING tab.

8. Clear your search history

In Instagram you can search for a photo or video using a search feature. The feature can be found in the explore menu. By default, Instagram will be recording every term you type in the search bar to help you quickly search for the same thing in another day. For a specific reason you may want to remove history search in Instagram. Instagram allows you to do that.

  • Go to Options and find the Clear Search History link. Just tap on it to start clearing.

9. Hide ads you don’t find relevant

Just like other free services, Instagram also rely on ads to gain revenue. This is really fair actually. You use the service, Instagram displays ads. But still, there are so many people who don’t like the game.

If you get annoyed by ads in Instagram you can hide it anytime your want it. Every time you see an ads, tap on the three-dot icon of the account that displays the ads and choose Hide This.

10. Display a good photo on blog post

Most social media platforms allow you to embed any good post on a blog post. Instagram is no exception. But you have to do this via web browser.

  • Open your preferred photo in web browser. Click on the three-dot icon right next to the comment column. Choose Embed.

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