How to Add Photos into Collections in Instagram

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How to Add Photos into Collections in Instagram

Last December Instagram introduced a new feature to enable the users to save any photo they love. The feature is basically pretty similar to Like in Twitter (previously Favorite) which allow you to easily looking back at some posts that impress you.

If you frequently use Instagram to look for inspiration, this feature is really helpful since you can save some inspirational posts and revisit them anytime you want. But still, it can be a bit hassle if you save Instagram photos too often. Having too much saved photos can lead you into a trouble to find a certain photo when it’s needed.

Instagram just answered the problem by introducing a new feature called Collections. The new feature can help you to organize all saved photos in Instagram to make them look tidy and easy to be discovered. You can add multiple collections in Instagram and they will remain private. Only you can see them.

How to add photos into Collections

Before being able to create a collection you need to upgrade your Instagram to the latest version. You can directly add any Instagram post on your feed to your collection. You can also create a collection out of your existing saved posts.

Add from feed

  • Tap and hold the Save button beneath the photo you want to add to collection.

  • Select the existing collection or create new one by taping the “+” icon.

Add from existing saved posts

  • Go to your profile and tap the Save icon (rightmost).

  • Tap the COLLECTIONS tab and select one of the existing collections. Or create new one by taping the “+” icon at the top-right corner.

  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and select Add to Collection.

  • Select the saved photos you want to add to collection and tap the checklist icon at the top-right corner once you done selecting.

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