The 4 Best Practices of Healthcare Social Media Marketing for 2020

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The 4 Best Practices of Healthcare Social Media Marketing for 2020

Health and social media marketing might sound like the North and South Pole but to be honest, the industries have been submerged in the last few years. According to the reports, there was a negative comment that healthcare professionals weren’t allowed to use social media sites and ever since that outburst, healthcare professionals have been engaged in social media. This engagement has turned out to be better for the healthcare providers as it helped in recruiting the employees and gain feedback about the services.

According to the report published by WEGO, 91% of the people consult social media before opting for the healthcare provider and they have been sharing information about the medical sides through Facebook posts. The percentages are pretty colossal and it has become essential to use social media marketing for increasing the visibility to doctors and patients, all the same. If you are a healthcare provider or social media marketer, we have got some tips on using social media marketing for healthcare in this section. Have a look!

Always Add A Touch of Diversity

Every social media marketer knows the engagement rates of Instagram and YouTube Views and how they are better than Facebook and Twitter. According to the report, the healthcare providers post on Instagram every other two days while the posts on Facebook and Twitter are almost twice a day. Moreover, some hospitals also use Pinterest but when their profiles were read, they hadn’t pinned anything for months.

So, whenever you are trying to increase the visibility using social media marketing, it is better to focus on the platforms that have the tendency to create more engagement (Yes, we are talking about Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!)

Optimize The Content According To The Audience

According to the reports and data observation, the posts with people’s faces in it created a double fold of engagement as compared to other photos. If we look at the number, every 27 posts with human faces from 50 posts gain a higher engagement level, the percentage is more than 50%. However, people have been confusing the number of people in the photos and let us clear your doubts, the number of people doesn’t manner.

In addition to the humanized pictures, curated links tend to create higher engagement levels. For instance, 35% of the healthcare provider shares links have been curated. The curated links are the ones that don’t belong to the person sharing them. The engagement rate for curated linked posts is around 0.033%. However, if the links were shared from the website of the healthcare provider, the engagement rate was only 0.015%.

When you are working on creating the content for your social media handle, make sure that you are adding every type of content; be it the videos or photos, links or swipe-ups, add everything. If you stick with only photos or only videos, it will bore the user base and they will eventually hit the unlike or unfollow button.

Boost Them More

Every Facebook page has a post which has topped the charts of engagement and there are no better posts than that. As a healthcare provider looking for social media marketing or Healthcare marketing broadcasting, you need to find that post and boost it even more. Yes, we are talking about paid boosting. This is essential because the post with organic engagement must have something that captures the eye of the user.

According to the research, if the posts were boosted, the engagement rate increased to 177% as compared to the posts that didn’t have the paid boosting. It is better to boost those posts within 24 hours of posting because it needs to prove itself on the battlefield of engagement.

Always Engage With Your Communities

Almost every healthcare provider and the hospital have a Facebook page to ensure the higher engagement level but with the increasing demand, healthcare providers have been working on making the messenger and Facebook groups. These groups are thought to increase the engagement rate by 30%. These pages are usually created for the employees or the healthcare providers to offer free consultancy to the patients. For instance, these groups are made for the helping purpose and help in providing advice about the transplants, general fever, or help the breastfeeding ladies about their babies.

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