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Have you used the web version of Twitter of late? Twitter has just rolled out the new design of the web app for all users. Everyone can now use the new look of the web version of Twitter. The newest design of Twitter web brings some features that previously only available on the mobile app. You can now access the bookmark manager feature without having to access the URL of Twitter mobile (

The new design of Twitter web also makes it easier for users with multiple accounts. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can now easily make a switch from one account to another without needing to logout first. The most noticeable change on the new look of Twitter web is that the top navigation bar has been moved to the left sidebar. This navigation contains bookmarks, notifications, lists, direct messages, and a link to open your profile. Trending topics still lie on the right side.

Other new things widely-talked by Twitter users are the availability of the options to change the font size as well as the color base. Well, this feature is basically not brand new if you have been using Twitter since the beginning. If you still remember, in the beginning Twitter era, users were allowed to personalize their account by changing the color base of their choice. You could even add a background image.

So how to change the font size and color base?

On the navigation panel on the left side, you will see a More button right above the tweet button. Clicking this button will show up more setting options. Select the Display option.

A pop-up will appear, allowing you to change the font size, color as well as the background. Simply select the font size, color, and background you want and click the Done button once you are done.

One more thing. The new design of Twitter web also comes with a ‘spark’ button on the home bar. Clicking this button will make Twitter display the latest tweets, chronologically-ordered tweets instead of Top tweets.

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