How to Check Apps Connected to Twitter and Revoke Them

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How to Check Apps Connected to Twitter and Revoke Them

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter also provides an API to allow third party developers to develop certain app. Thanks to this API, applications like Hootsuite and Sprout Social were born.

Using third party apps can enhance your experience of using Twitter since not all features and functionalities you need are offered by Twitter. For instance, if you are a social media manager, you might need a third party app that is capable of posting the same content to multiple Twitter accounts at once.

Or, you probably need a tool to schedule your tweets so you don’t have to staring at your screen all day only to tweet at the prime times. It’s just, you need to be careful when connecting certain third party apps with your Twitter account. Not all apps have a really good responsibility regarding the user data. Regularly checking what apps you have connected to Twitter can be simple tip you can apply to keep your account safe. If you find a suspicious app and think that you never connected it, you can simply disconnect it.

To do so, visit the website of Twitter and login with your account and then go to the Settings and privacy page.

On the Settings and privacy page, select Apps on the left panel.

You will be brought to the Applications page and here you can see all apps you have connected with your Twitter account. To revoke certain apps, simply click the Revoke access button on each app.

On this page, you can also figure out what accesses have been granted to an app and when did you connect it.


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