How to Download Instagram Photos Without Additional Tool

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How to Download Instagram Photos Without Additional Tool

Did you ever thought to download a photo from Instagram? If you are an active user of Instagram, chance are you did. Unfortunately, Instagram is not a free stock photos service. It has no option to download any photo.

But, there is always many ways to cheat internet-based services. Instagram is no exception. Commonly, users who want to download a photo from Instagram will use an additional tool, whether it’s on smartphone or web.

Let me tell you, you can actually directly download any photo from Instagram without having to use any additional app, at all. But, you can only do this method from web browser in your desktop/laptop. The idea is simple. You will utilize the Page Source feature on your browser. Nearly all web browsers have this feature, including Firefox and Google Chrome.

Page source will show all elements that construct a web page. In our case, we can take advantage of this to show images on a certain Instagram page, which use JPG format. Once you get the page source of Instagram page you want to download its photo, you can search for URLs with the suffix of JPG. The first URL is the Instagram photo you want. Take a lot at the video below to make it clear.

The main idea of this method is to get the full URL of an Instagram photo you want to download. Once you get it, you can open the URL on a new tab and save the photo like you usually do to every time you want to download a photo from web pages.

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