Earnviews: All You Need to Know About Instagram Subscriptions

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Earnviews: All You Need to Know About Instagram Subscriptions

Instagram is one of the most famous apps, and it was launched in 2010. Today’s app’s growth is unbelievable as it reaches the heights of the online world. Almost most of the population is aware of the platform ‘Instagram.’ No one can deny this fact. Moreover, the app always surprises its users with updates. All those updates are helpful, making the app user-friendly among the audience.

The Evolution of Instagram

Instagram evolution is flawless. In the initial stages, it was merely a photo-sharing app, but later on, it significantly impacted the online world. Before all, the vital thing users need to know is that Instagram is full of features. When you open the app, you can see stories, reels, posts, Live, etc. All these features will help you uplift your performance on the app. If you are a beginner, you should buy instagram story views, which can increase engagement.

Recently, the app has rolled out many exciting features. One among them is ‘Instagram subscriptions.’ Of course, everybody has heard about ‘YouTube subscriptions,’ but what is on Instagram? If you think so, you have come to the right place. The article below will provide you with more insights into Instagram subscriptions and how they work. If you learn it, it will be easy to aim better and reach higher on the platform quickly.

What Is an Instagram Subscription?

Instagram subscription is a new feature that enables users to monetize from the app. Subscriptions also allow creators to connect with their most engaged followers. Through subscriptions, the audience can access exclusive videos from their creators. The exclusive content includes posts, Lives, stories, reels, badges, group chats, and broadcast channels.

As per the app guideline, when the user hits the subscribe button, they will become a subscriber of the particular account. Each Subscription has a monthly price for exclusive content. In addition, Instagram subscribers will receive a special badge that will help them to stand out from the crowd. For instance, if a subscriber comment on the video, then the creator will know that it came from the subscriber as it is badged. It shows that the subscribers are the potential audiences.

Who is Eligible for an Instagram Subscription?

During the testing stage, the feature was available only to limited creators in the U.S. Now it is known all over the world. The below following are the eligibility criteria for the creators,

  • Creators should have at least 10k followers.
  • The creators should be more than 18 years old.
  • The eligible creator should meet the requirements of Instagram’s partner monetization policy.
  • Creators must adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines.

Benefits of Instagram Subscriptions

Instagram subscriptions have been a valuable feature for content creators. It is a motivating factor for the creators, where they can improve their content and get more popularity. For example, acquiring more subscribers to your account showcases that people like your content. It is a way where the creators can check whether they are going on the correct path to achieve their goals. Apart from this, the benefits of Instagram subscriptions are,

  • Creators can secure monthly income.
  • It helps to build deeper connections with your followers.
  • Your subscribers will support you in what you do. They stand as your moral support on your Instagram growth.
  • It is easy to drive traffic and attention toward your account. Furthermore, if you need to boost your followers, you can try using EarnViews, increasing your credibility.

How Do Instagram Subscriptions Work?

There are three main features available on Instagram subscriptions. They are as follows,

1. Subscriber Chats – Instagram always provides opportunities to build a community. With subscriber chats, creators shall discuss different topics and get to know more about the subscribers and their opinions. Nearly 30 subscribers can join the chat.

2. Subscriber’s Story – Creators can post a story by tagging the ‘join chat’ sticker. This sticker is only available for subscribers alone. So that many subscribers will get notice of your chat, the subscriber story will automatically disappear within 24 hours. But it drives more engagement to your account. In addition, you can leverage the EarnViews, which increases your chances of getting popular.

3. Subscriber Reels and Posts – Similar to subscriber stories, there are exclusive subscriber reels and posts. It also drives the attention of more audiences.

4. Subscriber Home – Subscribers can check for exclusive content on the subscriber home. It will appear on the creator’s profiles.

5. Subscription Live – Creators can have subscribers special Live. It is exclusive only to subscribers alone. Many tutorials and classes can be done using this option.

6. Subscriber Badge Icon – The badge will be given to people who subscribe to your channel. Whenever subscribers interact with you, the badge will appear. People paying for the Subscription will be a part of the subscription circle.

How Can Creators Enable Instagram Subscriptions?

Instagram subscriptions are available only on an invite-only basis. The app will check some criteria and inbox creators who comply with the Instagram community guidelines. If invited, enter the professional dashboard and check out the option ‘ Subscription.’ Moreover, if you want to explore the option, then click on it, and then you can watch out for the subscriber list. Creators can now report, block, remove or restrict subscribers whenever and wherever they want.

Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Subscriber Base

  • Stay true to your brand.
  • Stay consistent with your content.
  • Be transparent and consistently engage your subscribers.
  • Keep up a new video idea that will make your subscribers unique.
  • You can even post subscriber comments to keep them a part of your loyal community.


On the whole, Instagram subscriptions are beneficial and a win-win strategy. It provides a space for the creators and the audience to have a mutual connection. It will ultimately enhance the user experience. Now it has the double-sided advantage of creating a sustainable creator community and generating income. If you find this article interesting, then you can leave your opinions below. Thanks for reading!

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