8 Free Online Facebook Cover Maker Tools to Attract More Likers

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8 Free Online Facebook Cover Maker Tools to Attract More Likers

Your job of utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool does not stop at setting up a Facebook page. You need to decorate your page as attractive as possible in order to get your campaigns be successful and attract more likers. One of the things you can do is adding an attractive cover.

Facebook cover is like a handshake. It provide a first impression that can either be positive or negative. If you prefer the first choice then providing a good Facebook cover on your fan page is a must.

You don’t have to either be a CorelDRAW master nor hiring a designer to create an attractive Facebook cover. There are several online tools you can use to help you create one. Most Facebook cover maker tools I am going to mention bellow come with ready-to-use templates. You can pick the one that is best suited to your business and add additional images if necessary.

Here is the list of Facebook cover maker tools that you can use for free.

1. Fotor

Fotor is a good online Facebook cover maker which you can use for designing a better Facebook cover for your pages. According to an introduction on the front page of its site, this platform has been used by more than 200M users and the number surely still counting as the tool is still there. Fotor is great because it is powered by HTML5, which can reduce the resource usage than flash.

Fotor itself is actually an online photo editor and graphic designer. The platform also has a Facebook cover maker to help you design and create a better cover for the Facebook fan page you are maintaining. The tool offers abundant ready-to-use templates which you can use, from free templates to paid ones. You can also import additional images from your computer in case you need them. Facebook cover maker from Fotor can be used for free but you need to create an account in order to save your works. Premium version is also available for more features.

2. Canva

Canva is also an online graphic designing tool. It doesn’t matter if you have no design background at all. You can be a designer with this tool. Canva is quite similar to Fotor in terms of service. This platform also offers an online photo editor as well as an image designer. But, Canva has more features in terms of design. Apart from Facebook cover, you can also utilize this tool for creating other materials from flyer, logo, brochure, and lots more.

The Facebook cover maker from Canva also features hundreds of ready-to-use templates — free and paid — which you can customize yourself. You can also add such additional elements as grid, shape, line, chart to icon. Uploading an image from your computer is also allowed. Unlike Fotor, you need to create an account first before being able to use this tool. Or, you can also login using either your Facebook or Google account. While you can use this tool for free, premium account is also available in case you need more features.

3. Adobe Spark

Just be sure you have created an Adobe account before using Adobe Spark. Wait, what is Adobe Spark? Simply put, Adobe Spark is an online design app provided by Adobe, the company behind the most well-known image editing tool Photoshop. Adobe allows you to use this tool for free. You can create any design using this tool including Facebook cover. Just like Fotor and Canva, Facebook cover maker from Adobe Spark also offers many ready-to-use templates which you can use.

Adobe Spark Facebook cover maker has some advantages in terms of adding image. In addition to uploading image from your computer, you can also import your existing images from Google Photos, Dropbox to Adobe Creative Cloud. You can even search for free CC0 licensed images on the internet (the image mostly on Pixabay.) Furthermore, Adobe Spark allows you directly share the design you have just created online to your team.

4. Fotojet

Fotojet offers three major tools: online graphic editor, collage maker and photo editor. You can take advantage of its graphic editor to turn your ideas into a stunning Facebook cover. The Facebook cover maker offered by Fotojet is not far different to three tools above. This tool also comes with many ready-to-use templates, whether free or paid. To make the design you are working be more attractive you can also add additional images by importing from your computer. Or, if you think you have some good images in your Facebook gallery you can also import them to Fotojet. Additionally, Fotojet also allows you to search for free images from Pixabay.

Of course, adding additional elements is also possible with Fotojet. Some elements that you can add include cliparts and texts. Fotojet is a freemium service which mean you can use this tool for free. In case you need more feature, paid version is also available.

5. Photovisi

Compared to four tools above, Photovisi has a fewer template options. Most designs also tend to ideal for personal use instead of business. However, it doesn’t mean Photovisi isn’t worth trying. With a bit creativity you can turn your ideas to become an attractive Facebook cover using this tool. The features offered by this tool are not too different to other tools above. Photovisi also enables you to add your own photos, shapes, texts and adjust the background.

In the adding photo process you can choose whether to upload your photo from your computer or importing from online services like Facebook and Instagram. Like Adobe Spark and Fotojet, Photovisi also allows you can search free images available on the internet.

6. Pagemodo

Pagemodo is an online tool built to help you in maximizing your social media campaigns. Designing Facebook cover is one of the things you can do with this tool. The Facebook cover maker offered by this platform also has the identical features and capabilities as other tools above. There are tens of free ready-to-use templates which you can use. Adding such additional elements as image, shape and text are also allowed in Pagemodo.

Interestingly, Pagemodo lets you to save your current design as a draft to continue later. This Facebook cover maker also lets you to preview the design you are working so you can conjecture how your design looks like once it is applied to your Facebook page. You can create a Facebook cover for free with Pagemodo but an account is required.

7. Bannersnack

If you are a small business owner who frequently use social media as a marketing tool and have no decent design skill, you can take advantage of Bannersnack to create a better banner. In addition to banner, you can also utilize Bannersnack to create more engaging Facebook cover. Just like other tools above, creating Facebook cover with Banner is also free. However, you are required to create an account first in order before being able to start creating. You will also be offered many ready-to-use templates that you can use for free.

One of the advantages of Bannersnack is that it has its own image gallery with rich enough collections. Same as Pagemodo, you can also save your current design to continue later as well as previewing it. Additionally, you can also add such other elements as shapes, texts, to cliparts.

8. Snappa

Snappa has abundant image collections you can set as a background of your selected template. It also has a built-in editor to make some settings over the image you use on your design including adjusting the saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, blur and lots more. Snappa has also a graphic gallery with plenty of collections to be add ed to the Facebook cover you designing.

But, before being able to use Snappa to create a Facebook cover you are required to create an account. Once you done that, you can start turning your idea into reality by applying it into Facebook cover. Snapp is a great Facebook cover maker tool with standard features like other tools on this list. It’s also makes it possible if you want to save your current design. But, you need to upgrade your free plan before doing this.

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