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How are Social Media Videos Driving More Sales for Businesses?

A survey by Wyzowl reports that 81 per cent of executives believe video improves customer satisfaction, 78 per cent say it improves loyalty, and 76 per cent say it builds trust.

Videos automatically play on newsfeeds with sound enabled as soon as the user scrolls past them (it’s estimated that with over two billion users worldwide, almost all of Facebook’s active users now watch videos online).

It isn’t easy to convey a message without accompanying sound, so videos are essential for businesses to remain competitive. If you still wonder why you should make social media videos, this article is right for you.

Here are a few advantages of using social media videos to drive more sales for businesses.

Perfect Way to Communicate

Videos are straightforward to digest so that they can be watched in short sessions on mobile devices without too much inconvenience.

They are the perfect way to communicate with consumers who may not have time to sit down and analyse a sales pitch or read an accompanying article. As per the top social media agency in Boston videos are the perfect way to communicate with consumers who may not have time to sit down and analyse a sales pitch or read an accompanying article.

Online customers will also share a video about your product or service more than anything else, which expands the reach of your business.

Social Media Videos Can Be Shared Easily

As stated previously, customers are much more likely to share videos than other content types. They also tend to share them with greater frequency because there’s no hassle involved.

Let’s say someone sees a photo of your product and wants to learn more about it. They can’t simply click through for more information, so they’ll usually forget about it.

However, if they see a video, it’s much easier to share than other content types due to the seamless nature of the user experience.

Social Media Videos Are Shorter Than Articles or Blogs

A Salesforce study reports that questions asked by customers on social media are generally much shorter than those asked via email. There are a few reasons for this:

For one thing, social media platforms have a character limit on posts and comments.

The other issue is that people don’t have as much time to read on their mobile devices as they do when using a laptop or tablet at home. It’s estimated that the average American adult spends around 2.7 hours per day on their mobile devices for various reasons.

People don’t have as much time to read because they’re constantly bombarded with distractions when they do manage to snag some free time.

It’s difficult to focus only on reading between social media updates, text messages, work emails, phone calls, and their favourite TV shows.

Social Media Videos Can Convey a Message in as Little as 90 Seconds

Have you ever thought about exactly how much information the average person can process during any given day?

On average, you are exposed to about 174,000 words each day. When you consider that the average American reads at a rate of 200-300 words per minute, it becomes clear why social media videos are so powerful.

They allow someone who only has a few spare minutes between responsibilities to learn about your product and make an informed decision quickly.

Social Media Videos Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

Social media videos are an excellent way to build brand awareness if you use them correctly.

When done well, they increase your visibility with your audience by letting them see what you’re all about without forcing anything on them.

The best way to build brand awareness through social media videos is to keep your messaging on point and introduce viewers to the personality behind your brand.

You must be convinced why you should make social media videos a precious resource for businesses that want to succeed in the digital age.

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