How to Know How Many People Saved Your Instagram Post

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How to Know How Many People Saved Your Instagram Post

If you use Instagram for business, it’s crucial enough to learn the performance of a photo or video once you post it. Brands typically will ask how well the engagements of your Instagram posts, other than the number of followers, of course. By the way, recent researches show that the algorithm pays attention to the quality of content. SMM managers recommend doing a free check for plagiarism before posting. Since acquired by Facebook, Instagram has added a number of features aimed at business accounts. You can now switch from Personal Account to Business account.

The Business Account of Instagram comes with Insights feature to allow you to learn the performance of a post. You will see the stats of each post starting from the number of likes, comments, reach, to impressions. You can also figure out how many people saved the post.

How to switch to Business Account on Instagram

Before being able to access the Insights feature on Instagram, you need to switch from Personal Account to Business Account first. To do so, tap the person icon on the bottom-right corner to open your profile and tap the three-line icon on the top-right corner. Tap the Settings button to open the Settings screen.

Tap the Account option on the Settings screen, followed by Switch to Professional Account.

You will be presented with two options. Select the second option (Business) and follow the on-screen steps until finish.

After switching to Business Account, you will see the View Insights button every time you open a post on your Instagram profile. Simply tap this button to see the stats of the post.

On the top section of the Insights screen, you will see the number of likes you earned, comments and direct messages. You can also see how many people saved your post (right-most).

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to specifically figure out who saved your post. So, you won’t be able to track who are your fans. If you’re wondering how to see who stalks your instagram profile though, there are apps that can do that. To switch back to Personal Account, return to the Accounts screen (from the Settings screen) and tap the Switch to Personal Account option.

For a certain reason, you might also want to save photos from Instagram to your device. Since Instagram has no default feature to do so, you can use a third-party tool like InstaDownloaderPro.

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