How to Build Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

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How to Build Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

Everyone wants to have a community on Instagram. Loyal community will always stay by your brand and keep up with you in tough times. You’ve to start somewhere, so maybe it’s time to create an Instagram business page and start promoting products/services? Well, in this little guide, we will tell you how to get to the first 1000 loyal Instagram followers.

Community building: This is how you build your first 1000 followers

As in our Facebook Marketing Guide, our biggest recommendation for Instagram is the first 1000 fans! You are the first to appreciate your brand, your new social media concept and you are also the first to be your potential new brand ambassador on Instagram. If you’re looking for a way to get more instagram likes and followers, then instagram mod apk is the perfect app for you! You can download it from techbizidea.

Using an Instagram automation tool is a great idea to get your first 1,000 followers. A crucial thing to note when you want to use an automation tool to grow your Instagram account. Make sure the accounts you will get are the real human instead of bot! In the context of social media, engagement is everything and you will have no engagement with bot. Therefore, it is better to use the organic Instagram growth service, which does not use bots and attracts only real users.

Therefore, never leave a comment unanswered from the start. At the very least, press like for every single comment. Ideally, use your social media manager to address every single comment under every photo and video on Instagram. 85% of all companies underestimate this part and do not care about their community management. While large budgets are invested in shootings, hardly anything is invested in involving the existing fans in their own campaign. It is precisely these fans, the great capital on Instagram. Your big goal. Your own community. Therefore, as recommended, start from the beginning by actively commenting on other comments. Answer messages directly, you can also use this to refer to your website or online shop. You can also involve your users through questions or through Instagram stories and surveys, which we will come to later.

If you want to step further, you can also grab the email addresses of Instagram users using Scrapegram. You can then use your favorite email marketing tool (or CRM), you send them cold emails to start the conversation.

Technical aspect of virality

You can stretch this concept up and down. Take care of your first 100 fans just as intensively, these 100 followers are your first brand advocates. If one of these followers comments on one of their media content, the likelihood increases that one of his or her friends will also see the post from you. When they respond, the interaction increases again. If the user starts a conversation and makes another comment, they have an even higher probability of appearing in the feed of the user’s friends.

Organic aspect of virality

Not only will the algorithm increase the frequency of the ad, that is, its reach will increase, the users themselves will also tell more about their brand. A small practical example, user XY comments on 10 photos. Only one of 10 brands responds to the comment. Will the user become a friend? Yes of course. The likelihood of a recurring interaction, i.e. a new comment or likes, will increase

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