How to Create and Share Clip in YouTube

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How to Create and Share Clip in YouTube

Do you want to share the clip of a certain YouTube video with your friends? Today, you can do so effortlessly thanks to the new feature of YouTube.

YouTube has a built-in feature to create the clip of a certain video and share it with your friends whether on social media or personal chat. To be able to use the feature, you need to login to YouTube using your account. The feature is not available for non-logged in users. The Clip feature of YouTube is available on all YouTube versions. Be it YouTube web or mobile apps.

The maximum length of the clip is one minute (60 seconds), while the default length is 15 seconds.

To get started, watch a YouTube video you want to create the clip of (make sure to login) and click the scissor icon beneath the video (the icon is not visible if you are not logged in).

Drag the clip selector to select the part of the video you want to turn into a clip. To change the default clip duration, you can drag the handles of the clip selector.

Add a description to your clip and click the SHARE CLIP button.

Wait a moment until the clip creation is done and you will be presented with a popup to share the clip. You can share the clip on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kakao Talk, and Reddit. To share it somewhere else, you can simply copy the URL.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is a great tool to share videos. You can even make use of YouTube to earn money by becoming a professional YouTuber.

If you often create videos for YouTube, you can make use of the clip feature to select the most interesting part of a video of yours and share it to social media to increase the open rate. Users who watch your clip can watch the full video by clicking the Watch full video link within the clip.

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