How to Publicize Your Business Event Through Social Media

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How to Publicize Your Business Event Through Social Media

Given the numerous social media platforms available to reach your target audience online, publicizing a business event on social media should not be a challenging task. However, you must ensure you are strategic with your posts to make it possible to engage and ultimately convert your audience. Alternatively, you may seek the services of a corporate event planning expert to help you inform more people about your business event, and to secure a suitable corporate event venue. You may also consider using event registration software to reach more audiences and make it easy for your participant candidates to register.

Event promotion may involve a stand set up to catch the attention of your target market. You can consider stands finder worldwide to achieve the best social media presence while hosting your business’ online event.

You can consider the following steps to promote your business event through social media.

Select Your Social Networks

Going by the fact that there are diverse choices of social media platforms you can use to publicize your business event, the channel you settle for depends on your business and target audience. The various social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, and Spotify, the most used today.

You cannot use all the platforms, but will use those most familiar with your target audience and business, making it easy for target customers to connect with your company event. You can pick even up to 3 to start with before exploring other platforms.

Pick Your Business Event’s Hashtag

The purpose of a hashtag is to enable sharing a topic or a keyword. You must develop a unique, short, and simple-to-understand hashtag to enhance the cross-referencing of your brand. The keyword you come up with should accurately represent your brand or business.

Anything you post about your brand must contain a hashtag, be it a company event or a product. Also, make sure you have added the hashtag to every social media account bios. Ensure you include this item on your business’s communication sites such as the website, and even the promotional emails you send your current and potential clients.

Improve Your Social Media Profiles

You can organize a social media event to market your business. However, before going aboard on it, ensure you have revised your companies channels pages by ensuring your headers are sleek and that the brand descriptions are exhaustive. Embody the SEO aspect in your business’s “about us” pages by utilizing keywords that will enable prospective clients to locate your page.

You can upgrade your social media pages by creating an interlink between them, which involves including your other social media handles on each of your social media pages. Facebook account to include Twitter and Instagram handles, each site must have the links to the other social networks.

Also, ensure that you maintain consistency with all your social media platforms by ensuring your usernames, business descriptions, URLs, and headers are consistent across all the business’s social media pages.

Create and Sell Tickets

Social media pages have features that allow the creation of online events. These platforms have many followers, making it possible to reach a big crowd. However, to attract more people, ensure your events are unique from others. Your event description should be catchy and compelling, ensuring you are precise with the location, time, plus category to enable the social media sites to promote your business event. Also, include links to the event.

Use Influencers

Influencers can help create more buzz about your business event by paying them to expose your event to their followers. Hence, create networks and meaningful relations with important individuals in your business space.

By mentioning your event, such people can influence curious audiences to register for your business event. Research influencers to ensure you pick the right one so that both of you can gain from the partnership.


The promotion of companies events through social media is not difficult. You only need to learn the strategies like social media selection, hashtag creation, the boost of social media profiles, designing and selling tickets online, and using your own strategies to reach your target audience.

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