5 Instagram Analytics Tools Every Social Media Strategist Should Know

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5 Instagram Analytics Tools Every Social Media Strategist Should Know

One of the social media strategists jobs is handling Instagram accounts. Maintaining Instagram accounts for business is far different to regular use (non-business). In order to be successful with your Instagram campaigns you need to analyze how your contents works. And you need a decent Instagram analytics tool to do this.

In the previous post I have covered 6 of the best social media analytics tools which one of their capabilities is to analyze the performance of your Instagram accounts. Apparently, there were several the similar tools that are more specifically designed for Instagram. And we are going to discuss about them in this post.

As one of the most-crowded social media platforms surely it will be a huge mistake to not using Instagram as the tool to spread your business. Here is the list of Instagram analytics tools you can use to monitor and analyze your Instagram performances.

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the best Instagram analytics tools available today. It is very feature-rich. There are so many things you can do with this tool from tracking a certain hashtag, tracking the unread comments and lots more. On the first look inside your dashboard you will see the statistics of your Instagram account like the number of followers, total likes received, total comments received and lots more. Scrolling down your mouse you will see a glance look of your account performance like followers growth, lost followers and lots more.

On the left-panel you can see more features to enable you getting the most out your Instagram account, set up a new plan for the next campaigns and many things. In case you need it, you can also search for influencers in your field to help you get the word out about new campaigns and posts. Furthermore, Iconosquare also allows you to schedule Instagram posts like you can do with social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. Iconosquare is a paid tool but you are given a 14-day trial to it

2. Minter.io

Same as Iconosquare, Minter.io was also built specifically for Instagram with no supports for other platforms (at least until today). You are also given a 14-day free trial to find out how powerful this tool is. Minter.io gives all basic things you need to measure your Instagram performance. Its features are not as reach as Iconosquare but Minter.io has several capabilities that Iconosquare doesn’t have including which photo filter performs best among your audience based on a comparison of multiple metrics. You will also get informed the best time to post a new updates.

Not enough?

Head to the Optimization menu to figure out which hashtag that perform better so you can use it for the next posts. More interestingly, you can also add a report of the Instagram performance of your competitors so you can measure how good your performance is.

3. SocialRank

Most Instagram analytics tools (and social media generally) use the same approaches. They mostly focused on the individual performance of your posts like how many likes and comments received by each post. SocialRank uses the different approach in helping you getting the most out of your Instagram campaigns.

Instead of delivering metrics regarding the performances of your posts, SocialRank focused on identifying your followers (and also following). For instance, SocialRank gives you information about the recent activities of your followers, how many followers your audience has, how many of your followers who use the default avatar, how many private accounts you have on your followers list and lots more. All of those metrics are useful to gauge the quality of your audience so you can better tailor your contents for upcoming updates.

Best of all, SocialRank provides a free version in case you are on a strict budget. Unlike two tools mentioned earlier above which were built specifically for Instagram, you can also use SocialRank to gauge your Twitter accounts performances.

4. Union Metrics

Another free option you can use to view your Instagram statistics. Union Metrics is basically a paid social media marketing tool but, there are two free tools to enable you check your Instagram and Twitter statistics. The statistics displayed by this tool are very basic but you can take advantage of them to gauge the power of your Instagram account.

This tool will inform you the best time to post, your biggest fans, hashtags with most engagement and posts with most engagement. Very basic but useful enough and certainly worth to try. Moreover, it’s free.

5. Keyhole

In case you missed my previous post about social media analytics tools where I have mentioned Keyhole on that list. Keyhole is a tool designed to help you setting up the new idea of the next Instagram (and Twitter ) posts and campaigns. With this tool you can figure out which hashtag and keyword trends are starting to emerge so you can prepare the best contents based on those trends. Additionally, you can also create a feed that will track the Instagram accounts of your competitor to see what is working for them and what is not. Keyhole itself is a paid tool but you are given a 3-day free trial to try it before deciding to continue using it or not.

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