Is Instagram Algorithm Easy to Beat?

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Is Instagram Algorithm Easy to Beat?

Are you having a hard time trying to grow your Instagram account for get the attention and engagement you need to become successful and have no idea why? Do you think that it could be the Instagram algorithm that is holding you back and want to know what you could do to beat it?

Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Facebook, is by far one of the most commonly used platform by businesses and individuals alike. It is also notoriously one of the most difficult platforms to beat in terms of the algorithm because of the fact that it changes to often. With more than a billion active monthly users and a new algorithm that makes it even harder for brands to reach their audiences, marketers are left feeling frustrated and out of luck.

However, there is still hope. As a new user it is already difficult to get started on Instagram, but the algorithm makes it far more challenging. Here are a few things that affect the algorithm and what you could be doing to beat it.


Many people choose to market their businesses and brands on Instagram these days and it is no surprise why. The platform is incredibly large and reaches billions of people. However, when it comes to marketing people tend to be stuck in the ways of traditional marketing and just hard sell their products while using Instagram as a one-way communication channel. this doesn’t work on Instagram.

If you are wanting to grow your account and beat the algorithm you need engagement. Engagement is one of the key factors to being noticed and getting your name out there. the Instagram algorithm works based off of engagement and how much you receive. Typically, the more engagement you receive the higher up on someone’s timeline you will appear.

This is evident by the accounts that use something like Growthsilo for organic Instagram growth, since this service will engage with users on an accounts behalf in order to increase engagement, and by doing so, reach and visibility. In order to receive this engagement, you need to encourage it by both engaging your self and creating content that your followers and other users can engage with.


For many people, posting to Instagram consistently can be a drag, especially if you don’t always have new content or you are struggling to think of new ideas for content. However, if you are looking to find success on Instagram and beat the algorithm, you need to be posting often and consistently as possible.

People are constantly checking their Instagram and you want to be sure to pop up on their feed so that they can engage with you. If you are only posting once in a blue moon, your post might not have as much of an effect as you would hope because it will quickly be drowned out by other users’ posts.

Posting consistently also means that your content should look consistent. By having a look that flows through your account and a specific style and voice, people who like you content will be more inclined to follow and engage with it, there for making you more visible to the algorithm.


The idea behind Instagram implementing an algorithm was that it would see what content the users engage with the most in order to discover what kind of content the user you like to see the most. By having this kind of algorithm, even though for some users it may be difficult to get their content noticed, it streamlined exactly what the other users wanted to see and make it far more enjoyable to them.

Instagram tries to understand who is the most important to a person and for each individual user, the algorithm will act slightly differently based on what they enjoy and what they engage with. This means that you should be creating entertaining and interesting content that people will be more likely to engage with if you want more followers.

Stories, Reels and IGTV

When it comes to the algorithm, although it is pretty similar throughout the platform, it does differ slightly from feature to feature in order to give the users the best experience. Stories are similar to your feed in the differ content that you engage with the most will be the first things you see, and the more often you are on the platform the more the content will be shown to you in chronological order.

However, reels and IGTV are slightly different because they don’t only show you content from users that you follow, but also from users who you might find interest in.

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